a friend was spanked

This is a wonderful caption, that is very true in many households

We personally know this couple, and she has also spanked me. We started communicating a very long time ago, when she started searching the internet, and came across my www.spankedhubby.blogspot.com
He had introduced spanking into their relationship, and she was searching about men being spanked, and I happily encouraged her that it was equally fine for a woman to spank her man.

She never looked backwards after that, and although she was occasionally spanked, he was and is spanked much more often, and I think he is the only one that is spanked.

Do you think, that:

SUBCONSCIO|USLY, you misbehave.
just to be spanked?  

your thoughts
Personally, I think I do sometimes with out knowing I am doing it.

 too good to resist

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13 million page views and counting

If spanking is not considered mainstream, it certainly is really close, but rarely talked about  publicly. This blog has had an amazing amount of people coming to take a look at ideas related to consensual spanking in a relationship

hopefully, it has given people the courage to talk about their desires in the spanking realm with their partner.

In addition, The "Consensual Spanking Idea" has more than 8,600,000 UNIQUE visits.

Time to explain a little about my blogger experiences.

I actually had a blog before this one, and am in the process of  bringing the old posts back to life.

That blog was entitled   http://spankedhubby.blogspot.com and has had more than 2,700,000 UNIQ|UE visits, before I took it out of circulation. Obviously, men being spanked is something many men desire.

This blog has had more than 5,900,000 unique visits.

Thus a grand total of more than 8.6 million UNIQU|E visits.

It now appears that the newest medium people are moving to is twitter, having possibly even moved on from Tumblr. However, I will continue to post whenever the muse strikes....

Remember, this is all FICTION, unless you have talked, and agreed some time previous to anyone ever being spanked...
 I am spanked maybe twenty or more times to any one spanking for Cindy, but she does get spanked at times, and agrees that she deserves it.
My bottom has looked like this many times, and the spanking had not finished.

Thank you to all my regular readers and specially to those wonderful friends who post a comment regularly.

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Tomy's wife

A very good blog to read, which many people have visited over the years, is


As he has recently  posted, Tomy is the husband of Aunt Kay, the originator of the Disciplinary Wives club. I have a new link on the side panel to the real dwc site, while the original site has been rebranded   and I believe might now be an attack or virus site...


Thus, if you have ever wondered about the reality of a life following the disciplinary wives club inventor, please visit Tomy's site, and leave a note of encouragement for him to keep posting irregularly.

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Shaving: Adventurous Tuesdays

The norm for some women is to have a Brazilian, i.e.: shaving her vaginal area, whereas it is also quite normal for some man to shave their genital area.

Have you ever shaved the entire genital area?

or better yet, had your partner shave you...

I truly believe a woman should have a professional do it for her, but no experience needed in shaving a man, as the area is much more readily accessible.

I regularly trim, but have only shave a few times. The problem is when it starts to grow back in.
The joke that goes something like the more you trim the bush, the larger the tree looks.

Remember to have fun in life

 and also

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The Emily Verse

A tumblr that has stopped posting has some wonderful captions
We did not have trouble after thirty years of marriage, but spankings have certainly solved problems since then and re-energized a decent sex life and loving attitudes into fabulous overdrive.. Yes, many weeks we have sex three times during the seven days
This is a true and excellent combination, first she says
and he complies

maybe an old-fashioned marriage is the way to go...
 and thus,

Enjoy your spankings, whether you are the spanker or the spankee!

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female lead relationship fun photos

A little collection that maybe you can relate to...  some good ideas here, if taken with a LARGE GRAIN OF SALT, a very old expression....
 A gentleman would simply do this, whcih I have done for decades
and it is true, in most cases
 so the woman has to decide whether a verbal warning, or more
and thus, so goes life
and many of us men LOVE IT!!!
So have fun with female dominance...
this photo is delightful
enjoy the reality, or the fantasy
bottoms up
most photos from the following web site
and remember to enjoy life, because it does not last

and truly


spanking and sex

A little post of photos
where you will be having some sexual fun
 after your spanking
 but first, the spanking will be very EFFECTIVLEY GIVEN
but, upon reflection,
only your tongue may be needed, as the sparking (or CANING) will render you less than capable of performing any other way.
However, it goes, a fun time will be had by your partner.
photos from https://ageplayaunts.tumblr.com
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flash point

With the long,  hot, muggy (old version of humid) summer days,
one must adopt different  clothing styles for the heat. I think this young lady has found a winning combination to go withthe black high heel shoes
No panty day can be any and every day in August, specially outside on a patio to get a little air on your body
incase the air conditioning is broken, always be prepared
a quick flash gives a wonderful thrill to all
 and skirts were designed specially for easy access...
 of course, when indoors, you might be spanked for such fun behavior, and for many ladies, it would be gladly accepted as a fitting end to a wonderful day, and then making love the icing on the cake..

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