ocean view and more

Well, we are off once again, so I have left a few posts for your amusement while I am away....

unfortunately, no nudist beaches where we are going... tis a pity
of course, the beach has other attractive sights

summer always brings a thrill when traveling!
and there will always be indoors nudism
and although a beautiful sight, this will never be Cindy receiving the cane (only using the cane on me.)

so, enjoy your spankings
and make certain you have fun
Now this would be a fun photo to receive

bottoms up


punishment or pleasure

Most men would say punishment, and some would outright refuse
you might be delightfully asked
or simply TOLD
and then
however, some men might say
if relaxing around the house, then nylon and lace can keep the libido heated up,

Many tumblr sites reference men wearing panties, with captions that range from
Your secret being discovered
or your wife offering something special if you wear panties
and then continues with it being a regular occurrence 
however, when exercising or working physically, more support is a positive...

So, if you are a male, and reading this blog, HAVE YOU EVER WORN PANTI|ES, and if yes, what is the frequency per week. Personally, i wear them three or four evenings a week.
bottoms up


The almighty finger

think about it
and now, today's post
Not the almighty pen, but the almighty finger..
It might be saying, down on the floor, on your knees, between my legs
 and then
equally effective, it could now be saying on your knees on the bed
what follows is obvious
or, is the finger saying over the knees, now..

When you are going to be spanked,

does your partner simply point?

Cindy simply pats her knee for me to go over it, when sitting on the spanking chair.
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what is spanking therapy

As a follow-up to yesterdays post,  here is a interesting article from Cosmopolitan.


Very interesting to read..., so i will let you comment first.

Whiel you are thinki9ng about the article

Was he talking to her?
or was she talking to him?
bottoms up


Do you like being spanked?

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with spanking

Some, after being spanked, are extremely happy  (I just love this photo)
 Some have a less happy face, and are grimacing
I enjoy everything about spanking,
The come here!
the baring
Being lead over the knee
but the actual spanking
Well, as you can see above, at least the woman is happy
and the aftercare (many times)

is amazing

So, do you like being spanked?

bottoms up


your fate displayed for you

Instead of this
these gifs are great, for giving you the idea that this spanking is going to be memorable.
The determined look in her eyes is frightening

 The speed of that hair brush focuses you completely on the brush


Too late to run, and too late to remember to behave better..

bottoms up


spanking thoughts for today

The chivalrous man of old
and, thus
and has resulted in an old saying, being changed...
and she will wait, somewhat impatiently, while you undress
men are definitely slow learners about housework
bottoms up, and always smile, as she is smiling in the above photo while spanking her man