sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

If you really think a spanking will help you alter your attitude.....

or help solve a pointless disagreement that couples get into to at times
or maybe chase away the blues
a good spanking will chase away the blues, and solve many problems
 THUS the solution is easy: ask to be spanked, and then
like this fine young woman is doing
bottoms up
you can always cool off your bottom naturally afterwards

and for President Trump


first date dreaming for male subs

So many captions in this world.... so here is another fantasy you might enjoy....
You might be wishing it was this easy
It is however better that you first chat before meeting...  and then..
Now, if you had expressed the desire to meet and be with a dominant woman, this will be your lucky night.
However, maybe she has deliberately entrapped you by the sexy outfit she is wearing..
or simply have invited you in to her apartment, with a different idea than what you were thinking 

 bottoms up



on the road again

Travel is fun, and we are fortunate to have enough money, if used carefully, to travel often....
There is the excitement of not knowing what you will discover
The Caribbean has so much to offer...  sun, sand, booze leads to more liberated times
 I Love relaxing on a beach chair admiring the view
strolling on the beach
 catching the rays
 resting under the canopy of trees

blue ocean and... did I mention scenery
Cruising does not have to be too expensive, if you use an inside cabin like we do...
Always remember, boys will be boys
Same food, same entertainment, same ports, and we are only inside to sleep, shower, play games, and change..
You have money left over to go horseback riding
 and sometimes you go for a hike where it is quiet, except for the smacks you hear as the ocean strikes the rocks (???_
one never knows  who you might meet hanging out at the bar..
Did you understand the joke YET??? if oyu did, write the explanation in a comment
Please leave comments when you wish, but they will not be posted until I return.
I have  left numerous posts for your spanking enjoyment

bottoms up


day 12 of Christmas spankings

Day 12 happened, and I am lucky that many days elapsed between some of the spankings. These lapses were not deliberate, just caused by family visiting, and other per-occupations.

Day 12 was planned, but circumstances evolved so that it was postponed one day. Cindy was reasonably thrilled at that, so that she could savor the moment more.

The next day, when I walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Cindy greeted me even more warmly than normal, with a grin from ear to ear, and patted my bottom a couple of times while we kissed.  

A few more pats during the day, and Cindy stated it would be best to wait until after dinner for day 12. Cindy even called me later from the mall saying she was on her way home, and do not forget our plans for this evening.

I selected the leather five fingered black tawse type.
The color does not show, as we had to use a flash
We used a variety of positions, and Cindy made certain to make every spank count. The lovemaking after was simply beyond words.

One reflection: Cindy has learned how to spank hard, and effectively. Beware what you wish for. I now know why the holey implement is called "the Holy Terror". I cannot imagine doing this twelve days consecutively!

Here is the collection of implements used for the twelve days of Christmas! Day one starts on the right, moving to the left as each day progressed.

bottoms up


consensual spanking day for men

totally my own idea, but if we have  a day when women should be consensually spanked, then it makes sense so that a week later men have the same delightful activity.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies, as to why they should be spanking their man. TODAY...

I am certain most submissive men would love this ...
The above caption could be very true....
The idea of a woman showing you she is in charge can be a huge turn-on for both the dominant woman, and equally sexually stimulating for submissive men.

Seeing your wife holding her mornig cup of coffee today will give it's own thrill.
This is just a great photo, and Cindy is becoming more and more sexually turned on by spanking me,and also enjoying dealing with any misbehavior ASAP

The knowledge that I find spankings sexually stimulating
and that she decides whether we have sex afterwards or simply stand in the corner
where she can admire her handiwork with implements
gives her extra confidence in being dominant.

So LADIES, you might decide to try one or more of the following:

Without a word, simply go to the spanking chair and point (this will send a delicious shiver through both participants
decide in advance whether you want to start with your hand
or maybe that dreaded spoon. See how delightfully it marks a withe bottom when used repeatedly on one spot
then maybe change positions and use a leather paddle
and/or  a wooden hair brush
Maybe today is the day you try that new TAWSE
or relax and slowly let the leather strap make him dance
The choice is yours, you can dress for the part, and savor his expression
but only for the serious aficionados 
Simply delight in the opportunity as much as  THIS LADY SEEMS DELIGHTED 

bottoms up