Men's bodies

Well, if yesterday's post expressed men's love of woman's bodies, then the same undoubtedly can be stated about woman's love of men's bodies.Except, in many cases, women are usually more reserved about expressing this desire.The main difference is that men are much more open about it, while women in general are more reserved.Have you ever heard women of all ages yelling and hollering and screaming their desires at a fireman's fund raiser, where the rather well built men strip down to almost nothing, or actually end up completely naked!I was outside a building where a show was on once, and it sounded like the walls would fall down.Simply, in most cases, it is how a woman perceives society will view her, that determines her behavior!I guess it all depends on the ability to let loose, without modesty having to be the optimal word.Women are brought up, normally, where modesty is the key.
Some break out from these bounds, and that is a blessing in North America and in Europe. Topless beaches should be the norm. Breast feeding a baby in purblic should be natural.
However, religions (exclusively run by men) throughout the world try to dominate and repress women.
I read recently on line where a woman needs the permission of her father to marry in Saudi Arabia. Thus, if the woman is earning a good salary as a doctor, then the father can deny her marrying, and thus the money she earns come to him. Appealing to the courts simply receives a reply to discuss it with the father.
Would you like to know something even more disgusting.Saudi Arabia is now on the United Nations Women's Rights Agency. Click this link to read more


This entry started as simply a showcase for men, but having written a bit from the heart, I am including photos of naked women also. I think I will start showing more sexually orientated material. (What the hell, it is my blog)

Celebrating our bodies, and our WESTERN lifestyle, is very very important.So to every woman and man wondering whether to display a portion of their body to the community, keep your face covered or hidden, but feel free to display.I have yet to do this, but will in the next short while.Back to spanking writings tomorrow.cheers


Ladies bottoms

Thought I would do just a small post about women and their bodies.

The first two photos come from the site I have previously identified:

What i like about the site is that women of all ages display their body for everyone to see!

The ages vary immensely, and although many are in their twenties, ladies of all ages are found on the pages. Big breasts, petite breasts, bottoms of all sizes... We love them all.
Go visit if you are knew to my site:
Men (including me) think women are awesome.Media enhances a certain shape!Most men like the normal everyday woman that you can meet and greet in a store, at work, or on the street.Ladies, please remember that although an absolutely stunning woman might turn our eye (and if it didn't we must be dead), we also look in the mirror and know that we are not the absolutely stunning man that turns your eye for a second glance.Thus, woman of all ages are beautiful!Recently, Ronnie showed a mostly covered picture of her fine body and bottom. I am thrilled she had the guts to do this.

More lady spankers or spankees should do the same. Men would love looking at each and every picture.
And men would be very happy to spank everyone of them!

I am so very fortunate to be married to a beautiful woman! She is wonderfully warm and loving, and also beautiful to look at.
So, are you ready for your spanking?


toilet seat problem solved

I am working on another post, but have not got the time to finish it now. You will see why when i post it.

Thus, a quick post of a video you might enjoy. fabi gets spanked
Fabi is spanked for leaving the toilet seat up, a never ending problem for some wives.

Cindy early in our spanking relationship spanked this problem away. When explaining my fetish, and how spanking could solve small problems, this was an annoyance for Cindy of my leaving the toilet seat up. This photo states it all: "the toilet seat was up, so the pants come down." After a couple of spankings, this problem was solved. It proved to Cindy my desire to use spanking for eroticism and to solve problems, and it worked. Literally, the toilet seat is never left up, but sometimes I put the toilet lid down also. My little rebellion, but still following the rules of the spanking. Really, why does anyone want to look into a toilet? Thus, both of us become more aware.

If you have never visited spanko.net then you are in for a treat. Lots of spanking related material, and chock full of videos.
Of course, the spanking for leaving the toilet seat up did leave me with some ambivalent feelings.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Only making a small post, as time will be limited for a few days. I cannot read what hte text states, but it implies to me that the first Thanksgiving dinner, where the settlers who moved to the New World, celebrated with the Natives of the New World.Don't you just love the heels on the man's shoes... those were definitely from a different time than now. And NO, I do not wear heels, but men once upon a time did!Of course, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, make certain to roast enough buns.
Happy Thanksgiving


Cindy spanked and away we go (hiatus)

This happened yesterday, but I started writing it yesterday.Cindy once again today asked if I spank her, as a way of solving problems and stress. We did not have time at the moment, so I stated that I would spank her later in the day, and then we would make love.

Later, we found time, and by then, Cindy was feeling much better and tried to graciously decline my fine offer to spank her. Sensing that a small spanking and great sex would help chase away problems, I offered this course of action. Cindy accepted :-)

Well, it was a slow bare the bottom, and then I sat in the middle of the bed so that Cindy could lay across my lap, but also her entire body was supported. A little fondling before the spanking helped set the mood.
Cindy was hand spanked with four warm up spanks, a little more fondling between here legs, and then six real spanks, plus one as a bonus.

The love making that followed was fabulous for both of us.

The combined endorphins created by spanking and sex did set us for a wonderful mood.

We highly recommend it to any couple thinking about incorporating spanking into their lifestyle, if they are adventurous enough to try it.

Cosmo News (cosmopolitan) recently stated that:
The Great Outdoors:
Being outside for 20 minutes a day helps boost your energy. Yet another reason to go on vacation...

We will be out of town visiting friends and travelling about. We always love driving up the coast, but this time we may just saunter over to New Orleans.

As I do not know how to email posts from a yahoo account, I will have something new to learn when we get back.

Happy Spankings and Great Sex
Live Long and Prosper (Mr. Spock)
And away we gooooooooooo (as Jackie Gleason used to say)
cheers (adios amigos) Back in three weeks


Attempting to Solve Cindy's stress

Cindy has been stressed for the last week, and we are working on solving or alleviating it at least.
About four days ago, Cindy requested I spank her. I declined. because it was at the end of an argument, and I was mad. Cindy had been wrong, and spanking at that moment would be a bad idea.

Any thought of a discipline spanking for Cindy is something we do NOT do. Spanking Cindy for fun is fabulous, but I doubt we are ready to move on to discipline spankings for Cindy.

However, stress relief spankings are a definite possibility. A spanking relieves any stress that I have, on many grounds, and also solves any argument or disagreement..

A) When Cindy announces that she is going to spank me, the focus from whatever was happening changes to the concept that I am going to be spanked. It definitely opens your eyes to the fact that Cindy is annoyed enough that you need to be spanked to solve the problem.

B) Your mind now can try to grasp that whatever was being discussed, or whatever action that you have done, should not be repeated, as you are going to be spanked for it.

C) Even if I request a stress relief spanking, the spanking is still going to be real, not play.

D) Being requested to join Cindy, means that the spanking is about to begin.

E) being requested to either stand in the corner, or retrieve certain spanking implements, or simply to bare my bottom and climb over Cindy's knees, all have their own special effect.

F) When you are being spanked, you certainly are only focused on your bottom, and your mind can let go of any other thoughts at least for the moment.

H) the burn afterwards, and soreness, can allow your mind to think about the spanking, as opposed to other thoughts.

I) Any question by Cindy with a smile asking how is your bottom, both reminds you about your bottom, and also the twinkle in the eye can promise great sex later...

Well, having said all the effects of a spanking on me, we are attempting to see if a spanking will relieve stress for Cindy.

Two days ago, Cindy had been restless, and she suggested I spank her. No argument had occurred. I promptly sat on a chair, and Cindy came beside me. I undid her jeans, something I like doing, and then she pulled them down over her bottom and then lowered her panties. I took a little time adjusting her position, and asking if her arms were okay. We will have to use a lower chair for future spankings. The delay allowed me to enjoy the view longer.

With the first hand spank, Cindy was on the verge of tears. I paused, then proceeded to slowly give Cindy seven more spanks on her bottom, with her owwing and ooooing, but no tears. After the sixth spank, she said that was enough, but I stated two more and she complied. Remember that unless physically restrained, the spankee can always Get off the spankers lap.

well, the remainder of the day went well, but when we went out, we did not return until near midnight. Cindy has been great today.

Maybe the spanking helped her solve a little of the stress.
Spankings must be consensual, and they can always be for fun reasons, solve stress, or discipline.



Warning Spanking

Yesterday had a rather hot warming event. We were planning to go out with neighbors for dinner, but I always have some reservations about spending time with them. Pleasant to talk with for a few minutes, but sometimes the detail given has one spending what appears to be an hour when it could have been stated in one minute. In effect, it many times does take 30 minutes to say something that is sufficiently covered in one minute.

Cindy had a solution for this. She announced about an hour before going out the time we were to pick them up, and that she was going to spank me before we went out to guarantee good behavior. Oops! As much as I may enjoy the after-burn of the spanking, the affection in being spanked by my wife, A spanking does bring some trepidation also.

As time passed, Lynn and I got ready, and I kept a close watch on the clock. About ten minutes before we were to pick them up, Cindy picked up the phone and called the couple, stating we would be ten minutes late.

Cindy hung up the phone and requested I get the wooden paddle. Oops!!!! Cindy intended to do a thorough spanking, not just a quickee like she usually does.

When I returned with the paddle, Cindy was already seated on a chair, pulled out in such a position that I could lie comfortably over her knee, at least until the spanking started.

I quickly lowered my pants and underwear, and was bare bottomed over her knee.

Cindy slowly explained, while spanking with her bare hand, that I was going to be very pleasant tonight. This spanking was to ensure my thoughtfulness throughout the evening. Cindy has somehow figured out how to use her han din a way that really gets your attention. It is hard, and yet her hands are very soft normally.

Cindy then moved to the paddle, and stopped the lecture to concentrate on the spanking. The spankng was energetic, but Cindy after spanking from cheek to cheek, simply concentrated on one cheek. After about twenty spanks to that cheek, she declared the spanking over. One cheek was a fire red, whereas the other was only a blushing red. I thanked her for taking the time to spank me.

Cindy went to the bedroom, to finish up with the last touch of make-up. My bottom was hot, but I felt a few hard spanks might be necessary. We had just seen this couple two nights before, and I had no idea what we would talk about so soon again.

Now, here is one mistake coming home to roost, so to speak. On our Alaskan cruise, we stopped in Victoria. I had read on a few blogs in the past about an infamous Body Shop bath brush, and thought it would be fun to own one. Well, maybe more fun for Cindy than for me. It is longer than our other bath brush, rounder (read more smacking surface), and much heavier. (read: wow, does it pack a wallop.)

I pulled it out from its hiding place, and asked Cindy if she could give me two or three more just to make certain for this evening.

With a smile on her face, Cindy agreed. Well, no job is ever done with two or three spanks, and Cindy really lit a volcano on my bottom with maybe thirty hard smacks. I was bouncing around a bit, in the standing upright position, and Cindy paused a few times to say: "are you breathing?" I would take a deep breath, and Cindy would then start spanking again.

When Cindy finally stopped, she stated " that I should be careful what I wish for". She also commented how nice this bath brush is!!! (Oh My Goodness!!)

We had a wonderful evening out, as my bottom truly reminded me throughout the evening to be charming. Once the other man started to talk about something that really, really annoys him, and I quickly interrupted saying "Let's just talk abut all the good things in our life, and moved the conversation elsewhere. " Later, I began to worry a little if Cindy thought this was not done well.

The evening finally ended after a nice meal and wine.

When we arrived home, Cindy asked how my bottom was, and I replied that I definitely could feel it. Cindy stated that we should finish what we started earlier, but, with a smile from ear to ear, suggested that we should now make love.

It was fantastic for both of us.

Warning are always enjoyable


spanking photography.wordpress.com

A new find, that I have not explored beyond page four at the moment, is excellent if you like pictures of young women being spanked.The intro:"Spanking Photography features original images from erotic photographer Jason Oak on the subject of spanking. All models are over the age of 18, and all scenes are depictions of consensual adult fantasy. Jason Oak, who has a studio in London and a second one on the South coast, works to commission and can be contacted via this blog. All images are copyright (c) 2006-2008."By advertising the site, I am hopeful that this will generate some traffic, and thus using a few photos from the blog is justified.


The words used to give a little tale (but I mean tail) about a spanking are erotic.Do leave at least one comment if you visit. Encouragement is good for the person who posts items for your enjoyment.




Well ,just a quickee post to add a few photos, and to describe a quickee spanking. This next picture really gives yo a good view of the spoon, and the coverage it can accomplish on a bottom. Cindy yesterday decided to use the wooden spoon in the kitchen to warm up my bottom. Ten quick, hard , spanks with that heavy wooden soup spoon had the desired effect for both of us.It can make nice white marks, surrounded by some red, when used on the same spot for ten spanks, and then another identical ten to make certain the other cheek is not neglected.




I was surprised, and delighted, that a well known spanking artist sent me a email offering me some art of his to post on this blog.
"Hi Red
Spanks, er thanks for writing back...Yes bottoms up....the best way. In OTK situations the miscreants posterior is best angled or presented up and out for the best reception. This can be done with proper positioning.
You'll notice that I like to depict matrons in my F/M drawings, they are exaggerations of course, but the consummate harridan no less. I've attached a couple MM for variety.
Bottoms up

Thus, I am posting three of Franco's drawings, and saving the others for a later date.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Any other artists out there? I would be happy to ost your artwork also.The above drawing I think is really exceptionally well done, although all are excellent.