Tree damage done by beavers

Most have seen tree damage done by beavers in the past, but this is the worst!!

Unimaginable destructive capability of beavers captured on film...
Beavers, left unattended, can clear a forest in no time.....

Ya gotta wonder just how in the hell did anybody get this setup.
PS: might these be Canadian beavers???


Those fun loving crazy Canadians

A friend sent me this video, which I think is hilarious..

Supposedly a television commercial from 1965 broadcast in Canada. I think I will have to try a Molson Canadian, or maybe a few. This next picture's words of drinking this all in seemed appropriate.cheers



The spanko world is a large and diverse environment.

Sometimes you may come across a blog that is entirely what you have been searching for in life, but then again you come across blogs that you abhor.

I am never approving or disapproving of what other couples do, as long as it is consensual.

Needless to say, my opinion counts for nothing in terms of what another couple does or does not do in life.

Having stated all of this, a follower of my blog is Suzanne, and she occasionally comments.

Thus, I thought I would give a little prominence to her blog.

Doubtful that my mentioning her blog will increase much traffic to her site, as she already has 249 followers, almost four times the number of followers that i have.

However, I do not publicize many other blogs, so please do not join just so that I can post about your blog.

The greatest method is to leave comments on other peoples blog, and if readers of that blog are intrigued by your comments, they will then click on your name, which pops up information about yourself that you have chosen to share, and also lists any blogs that you have created.

So to start : here is what Suzanne writes about herself.
"I am a 40-something professional Woman in a Wife Led marriage. I am married to a 28 year-old loving, dedicated, trustworthy and obedient man. (s)he is the best "wife" I could ever ask for!"

Suzanne's partner also posts on Suzanne's blog. He has been given the name "SISSY TAMMY", so now you have a good inclination of the nature of the blog.

Suzanne deals with topics like cuckolding, being dressed in panties and as a woman, and many other variations, go take a look.

Variety is the spice of life.

The links are excellent for this concept of the spanko and wife lead variety way of life.

Thanks Suzanne, for sharing your lifestyle with the community.

Click on the link http://suzanne-allmine.blogspot.com/

addendum: some great posts by Underling currently with his story line.
click here



troubles happen

Just a small posting regarding life. Not everything goes as planned, and another major crisis has developed starting yesterday. Oh well, that's the way it goes. Writing here within a community, where some readers are actually friends, and many others are sympathetic. helps lighten the mood, at least for a little while.Cindy this morning made up a somewhat fictitious reason to do a small spanking in the kitchen with "the implement". It was the normal bare bottom, lend over the counter, and numerous spanks, but for once not with any strength like when she is mad. It was simply a way of releasing a bit of tension for both of us. I definitely appreciated it.With a strong somewhat bull headed approach, I have circumvented some hoops, and the situation may be resolved by Friday or Saturday.So, a few pictures, for those who like pictures as much as I do. Lets call it the happy spanker photo shoot!cheers


hockey is becoming enjoyable

Well it is, if this is how the players dress!!
Then again, professional hockey has now enhanced the idea of hockey, by discovering a method to have cheerleaders on the ice.

I have recently purchased a new computer, and now have a wide screen monitor. Thus, I am seeing the posts in a different way than I used to. Pictures that went down the screen, now many times go across the screen. So I am making many photos left justified, so as it might look better, and not go so far down the screen.


comment moderation

Unfortunately, I have had to move to comment moderation, which is something many bloggers use.
I have only recently started clicking on view the comments from the blogger home screen, and found a rather crude message posted to a much older blog posting.

All comments are forwarded to my email address, but I sometimes do not use that account for a few days or more. Thus, a message of this nature might stay on the blog for quite a while.

Thus, the easiest solution is to approve any comment before it actually appears on the blog. This way, I can still permit anonymous comments, but read them first. (The message was an anonymous comment)

So, today's post are some women willing to deal with such a person who leaves these inappropriate comments.

Enjoy the photos!



A potentially funny song

Well, I find this song hilarious!

However, I can imagine some people might have a different viewpoint.

You really find that song hilarious do YOU???Well, come here over my lap and let me inform you of my opinion.I doubt if you will be laughing anytime soon, after you have had a strong taste of this bath brush. If you look carefully, you will see that I am smiling,and really enjoying this moment we have together..cheers


Welcome aboard Hank

I just saw that a new person joined as a follower.

I thought I would post some laps he might like to be lead over.

By apologies for not having welcomed other people when they decided to follow this blog.

I am certain that each of the ladies would be very happy to light your fire, at least on your bottom.

The result would be as in this famous photo from the past. Hope you will add comments from time to time about your situation Hank.cheers


We must eat out more often

Time again to post pictures of women having fun! Should we all give a loud cheer for digital cameras.

First thought, is that we should all start eating out more often!But don't concentrate on the food.
I'm Loving it!!!
However, getting to the mall can be fun on it's own...

and do pause and take a rest while shopping.
Remember to watch for sales
Posing for pictures that entice and enthrall was difficult, if you had to develop the pictures at your local supermarket.
Now, shopping at the supermarket can be a lot more fun!
These are definitely better pictures of people at Walmart, than what some friends send around the Internet.
Melons are good for your health!
A few friends have sent a great load of pictures,so I thought I should share them with you.
so even when you are strolling in the park!
Be aware of your surroundings!
Digitally, it is easy to take the picture, and then superimpose the person on top of another setting, making a new scene that might not have existed.However, I believe that in this enlightened era, most of these pictures are just women having fun, probably with their partners encouragement and whole hearted approval.
Personally, I have taken many fun photos of Cindy, but they will never be published. We just do not have the guts, like Ronnie does. PS: Ronnie, you look Fabulous.



Stay young

I thought I would post some fun cartoons and pictures today.

First, is a picture of the boat I intend to purchase when we move closer to the ocean!
This is a good motto to live by, although Cindy does have a slightly different opinion.And for those men who like wearing panties, or are informed to put panties on:Remember:
You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing!!!