Happy to be spanked

We are back in town after a fun vacation! I will update when time permits.

I thought in keeping with the name of the blog, that I should show some women having fun with spanking!

The first has to be the happiest woman I have ever seen over someones kneeThe second entry appears to be the spankee attempting to grimace to give true meaning to the spanking, but the person beside them does not even appear to know, so the acting is great.
The third entry appears to be in some room, maybe their dorm, but the room looks to big for being a dorm room. Appears also that at least one extra hand is wanting in on the action.
The last two seem to me to have the same woman who is the spnaker in photo four, being the spankee in photo five.
The only disappointing thing of these photos is that it is only women spanking women, when they would very easily find many males willing to be the role of the spanker. Hopefully they are liberated enough to ask a male to spank them also, for fun.
May all your spankings be consensual :-D


Crusing -one week off or more

Well, the specials on cruise lines is so great, that we have succumbed to the pleasures of a quick one week cruise. Thus a little hiatus from the blog.

When we land on a tropical Caribbean beach, Cindy will be certain to make sure that we apply suntan lotion appropriately.In addition, as Cindy is too shy to bare all, I may have to do a little work makng certain that her tan lines are even.Absolutely that pale white could not be good for the skin. An even tan is much better. Thus, I intend not to let poor Cindy wait and worry.
best to warm that bottom as soon as possible.
As you see, when she is back in the car, her tan will be even. The gentlemanly nature that I have is simply amazing. I guess the only thing to mention is that the ladies might add a small rebuttal.
But, this little story is being told with a heated bottom, courtesy of Cindy earlier in the day.cheers


cindy playfully spanked

On the home front, Cindy was rather frisky yesterday, and I decided she deserved ten spanks. She objected, playfully, so i bared her bottom slowly, and then gave ten good spanks, with appropriate oohing and awwwing, and I might add a very saucy bottom swaying between spanks.

More sauciness when the ten were finished, required another eight for good measure (as the Brits say), which were slowly given. Cindy decided that after this eight that the spanking was done, and we caressed, cuddled, and had a wonderful time.
Seems a lot of people enjoyed the photo of the woman presenting the hair brush while on bended knees. The downloads of this photo outdid all others for a few days. Thus, I present to you another photo that is more revealing, but both photos have their charm. The photo must have come from the site http://spankamber.com/, but I saw it on a new yahoo site that I joined.

I a subscribed to receive all mail, and a few people are sending many emails containing erotic spanking photos.


You might like to join and see some of the posts that people are sending.


i got yelled at

Sometimes, I just do not understand my wife..........

My neighbor was out training her dog!

And ....guess what?!

I got yelled at for staring!

and then spanked when we got home..


computer question???

Too funny for words. You can't beat those crazy Canucks north of us.... This one from a province with a name Saskatchewan! PORK THE ONE YOU LOVE... i'm loving it..
Computer Question:

Now here is a challenge!

For all of you who keep thinking you are computer experts...

Try this!

Let's see how computer literate you are .......


123490=qweriop[ asdhjkl (zxcvnm

GIVE UP? SEE THE ANSWER BELOW My Spanking!YEP. THIS WOULD DO IT !!tip of the hat to a new follower: spankher4real A male from the Seattle area... Welcome aboard. This is a new practice I will try to do whenever a new follower is identified. That way, readers might like to click on the name in followers, and see if they like the blog the person writes.



photos for your entertainment

The first is the juxtaposition of two signs that is hilarious.
The next photo is extremely frightening, if you think about it......
obviously, feeding this food to those women has gotten Ronald in trouble...The last entry says it all for Ronald....
and this should be the result for turning some beautiful people into being extremely overweight!
First the strap
then the flogger
and then the cane


IF you ask nicely: one for the ladies who love to be spanked

one great photo I discovered (I originally wrote came upon, but had second thoughts about that double entendre fortunately)

If you ask nicely, I am certain the gentleman will always say yes....You will find yourself having the spanking you desire
that creates a glow down below, and a song to your lips
plus a wee wonder as to why you love this so much...
but a glow to remember and enjoy as you then make love with your partner soon after.
PS: I bet a lot of you download that first picture...


back to otk

Well, at least for the moment, our guests have left, and we can get back to a more normal existence.

I asked in the morning that maybe we should get to spanking, and re-iterated that it could be a good boy spanking. No need to have to think up a reason for the spanking, and thus remembering something that has been forgotten or annoying, but simply a spanking for the sake of spanking. No need to be upset to spank. A great philosophy we sometimes follow, as per Bogey and Bacall. Included in this quick talk was that the spanking could be just as hard or harder, whatever her whim. The answer of "we will see" was welcomed.

To help move us back into spanking, I placed the wooden hair brush and our leather heart shaped paddle with metal studs on the bed in the afternoon. As with the last post, I also put on panties to spice up the day, and keep a bit of a sexual charge throughout the day.

The evening rolled along without comment, but around 9:30 PM I heard Cindy taking a bath, and around 10:00 she called out to me to come upstairs. This is one method she uses that lets me know I am about to be spanked.

We first kissed, and cuddled, but then Cindy stated that it was time for my spanking. I retrieved the spanking chair, and Cindy tapped her knee with the hair brush, and I was bare bottomed over her knee in a flash.
Cindy varied her technique,, in that instead of a hand warm-up, she immediately started spanking strongly and rapidly with the leather heart shaped paddle. Cindy simply concentrated on one cheek, and because of the hole in the heart shape, was able to declare that she was making a heart on my bottom. Suffice to say that all the spanks were falling in almost the exact same place, and my feet were starting to dance. She then proceeded to the other cheek to produce the same effect, before simply dancing the paddle over all of my bottom.Cindy remarked what a nice shade of red, before pausing and asking if my arms were okay (I thought, hey. they may be supporting me, but you are spanking my bottom, and it's hurting, but then again that is the purpose of the spanking, so I simply stated they were okay)

Cindy then leisurely massaged and caressed my bottom, and delved between my legs for a little extra eroticism.

Cindy then began hand spanking, and slapping and thudding her way around my bottom. Slapping as in a glancing blow, that really stings. Thudding as in using the heel of her palm directly onto the bottom.

She paused, but not to massage, but to simply switch to the hairbrush. Cindy once again started with a flurry, then paused and massaged a little, telling me to not clench my bottom but relax it. Cindy has found that a relaxed bottom is easier to spank, and gets a much stronger re-action of foot dancing. Then the hair brush returned to making me dance. Another massage, short and quick, followed by a little flourish of rapid spanks and then stated that the spanking was finished.

I got up from over her lap, and we immediately began to kiss, cuddle, caress! The action moved ot the bed, where we made passionate love including individual oral and then fucking. Our climaxes were spectacular.

The lower part of my bottom is still a bright red today, more than 14 hours after the spanking. Just proves (for us) that a good boy spanking, or a bad boy spanking are almost identical in strength and effect, and to us, both are necessary at times.

PS: Amazingly a silly day for me in trying to put pictures, but I could not find any quality pictures of cunnilingus photos of a man pleasing a woman. Try searching for me and let me know of other sites I can use that does not include femdom style action.


Wearing Panties - a Poll

Always trying to be a little different, I twigged on an anonymous comment that hoped I would not be going into the world of transvestites. My idea however is live and let live. I try to please whoever drops by, and some male readers do wear panties, on their own choice at times, or maybe because their partner requests it (a euphemism for put these on, or the spanking will start all over again) . So here are a few photos.

Pic 1: A happy woman bringing red panties for him to wear.pic 2:This lady is extremely happy to have some pale blue (maybe turquoise) for her man to wear!
Whether this be their choice, or their partners choice, is of little consequence. Occasionally, I will wear panties, simply as a way of charging up the eroticism of the evening, or if I have been informed I will be spanked for discipline later in the day.

You can be spanked while wearing panties, it simply is not your decision to make!
Wearing them can be taken whatever way Cindy feels inclined. Sometimes she comments regarding that bottom needs a spanking, or simply oh!, and continues on with the day. Most times I do wear panties, fantastic sex happens sometime that day.

Pic 4: Having the panties around his knees, does not inhibit the erection caused by the forth coming spanking.or having to put the panties on has no effect on this man's erection.I believe the above were from Nu-West Leda, so they must perceive that a market is available for paying to watch these type scenes.

Have you ever tried it? If you are willing to be placed over your partner's knees and spanked significantly on your bare bottom, I cannot see how wearing panties can be a problem. The problem occurs when you are over someone's knees, and they are lowering your panties. Some sites have even called them manties.

So, maybe you might give your opinion on this.

a poll for men

What is your frequency of wearing panties

Once a year
Once a month
once a week on average
more than once a week




A really good F/M artist has recently started a blog. Hermione suggested I take a look!


I highly recommend the site to all F/M lovers, but also to anyone who likes spanking artwork, and spanking scenarios. The descriptions that Tommyspt is putting with each individual picture on his new blog are highly erotic, if you find spanking scenarios to be erotic. The details he puts into every spanking scene are great.A simple gender switch in your mind of the male being a female, and the female being a male, and all M/F lovers will be entertained.
Go visit and leave a comment of encouragement.http://tommysptoriginalart.blogspot.com