Sex advice from Disney

 Just a few smiles for today

When you get back to a being in a bar at night with OTHER people




actually, yes they are


If you have not met someone by then








Hope you are managing during the pandemic.. Sadly, things are worse in Canada than ever before, so our idiot Prime Minister is talking about child care, not about funding hospitals for the future. Almost all operations are cancelled in many provinces! Hospitals are about to only try to help Covid patients that they have room for( aka someone lived or died), if they believe they have the best chance of survival. We are only getting one vaccine dose, (and only 30% of  the population have had that), and studies now show that one dose is INSUFFICIENT to protect a person from covid variants. In  Ontario, 90% of new covid cases are from variants.

Keep smiling!

bottoms up



Baxter said...

Yeah, the wrong thing to do is to tell your wife to calm down. OMG, shit gets real then, so whenever I think (yeah right) that I am about to say that, I stop myself, mostly.

So I guess the Canadian border will remain closed with the US for a long time, since you aren't getting your shit together. Thankfully we have a president here who actually and really cares about people, not himself and we are getting it done. Unfortunately, quite a few who admire the twice impeached loser won't get the vaccine, so we will never fully get our shit together due to shitheads.

Good blog today, Red


Red said...

Baxter: Definitely a way to ensure a really hard spanking, and more whenever she remembers what you said. Our Trudeau is an ass. Latest news is that we are 80th in the world percentagewise of people fully vaccinated, we will have a four month wait before receiving the second dose, and hospital workers are also having to wait for the second dose. (Frontline health care workers waiting) absolutely insane!

bottoms up