Spank Me card game

 Little Genie Spank Me card game


  • Spank Me, will have you giggling and your bottom jiggling as you play our hilarious party game
  • The play is a simple 'Go Fish' style game, but with our game, you don't say go fish, you say 'Spank Me!'
  • You'll be asking risque questions like:  "Do you have nice knockers?" or "Do you have a wet pussy?" 
  • If your cheeks don't get pink from laughter they will with the paddling you will receive if you can't give your opponents the cards they're looking for.
  • Includes:  101 cards; 80 matching cards, 10 special action cards, 10 winner rewards cards and 1 instruction card

Sadly, currently unavailable on Amazon, but check your local adult themed store.

IF anyone has ever played this, please write a review of both the game and the company you played it with.

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Spanked Cowboy said...

Red, We do own that card game and have played it on more than one occasion. When only two play, you have to remove some of the cards per the instructions. Playing with 4 or 6 is much better as more folks are involved. When playing with my Dominant, we had to adjust the rules as she doesn't accept spankings, so I had to take hers and mine too. Also I had to play nude to cut down the time to bare my ass after nearly every play. Again with others, I still had to take hers, but not anyone else. Some of the questions are racy but all in fun. I would recommend the game for open minded adults as some of the rewards and penalties involve sexual activities.

kdpierre said...

I was disappointed that no one offered a review of the card game. Even online there are no actual reviews of it by people who played it. I am always suspicious of these sexy-party-games that are sold as novelties since I have been repeatedly disappointed by them in the past. Commercial kink is terribly insipid and tame. Still, a game that leads with a "spank" come on, should explain in their description where, when and how, such a thing occurs (or possibly even doesn't) in their game.

They are such a good idea, though. Full of potential. But with all of that in their favor, these things rarely if ever live up to the hype. And I don't think any truly kinky person needs them, but they could help a wannabe couple kick things in gear.

Like you, though, I'm eager to hear an actual review. Hopefully someone will.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: thanks for sharing the information. Must have been fun with other couples. Maybe you could give us some examples of the spanking and the sexual activities

kdpierre: agreed. Maybe Spanked Cowboy will explain further

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