Parents spanked by teachers

Would you not love this to happen. 

Imagine that the teacher of your child explains the misbehavior of your child in a note sent home, and makes an appointment for you to meet her.      

You knew that other parents had been spanked, but this was just the first time you HAVE BEEN INVITED FOR A DISCUSSION. 

When you state loudly, you are not going to use that on ME!

The teacher responds quietly to your shouting, it is true,

as the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  

With a  big smile, your choice is bare your bottom and bend over, or withdraw your child from this school

you can just see the happy smile on the teacher's face

and if the class is physical education, the handy strap will work wonders with you over the horse.
We do NOT believe children should be spanked.
but the mother could also be sent the letter about her daughter
depending on the infraction, it could be a bare bottom over the knee spanking for the mother
or you are shown what will be used before you bare your bottom
but, you might be instructed to pick your own implement from the table to be spanked with

So boys and girls, remember you could cause your parents to be spanked

REALLY, spanking the parent whose child misbehaves might be the perfect way to make parents actually be parents.
This would make meet the creature so much more fun!
Sadly, this is just an April Fool's Day post!

bottoms up



Baxter said...

That is an interesting spanking scenario, spanking the parents. Well maybe it is what should be done as they are raising a bunch of brats these days. And if the parents got spanked, then they would be incented to spank their brats. In all fairness, everyone in this country needs a spanking. Maybe when people go get their vaccine, they should be given a bare bottom spanking. And those who refuse the vaccine, someone should go to their home and spank them. Our country is out of control in so many ways. oh well, I need to find my wife and ask for a spanking.

Spanked Cowboy said...

I believe in the concept of spanking for discipline. No one is too old, or above correction. Parents, teachers, bosses, anyone. A good spanking is a proven method of discipline.

Joe said...

You are so right spanking the parents for the children's poor behavior would make them pay more attention to their children.

Anonymous said...

My kids had a few teachers I would, um.... reluctantly, agree to be spanked by.
And I suspect my wife would have loved to watch it!

Red said...

Baxter: yes, many would benefit form being spanked. Hope you did go and ask your wife for your spanking.

SpankedCowboy: no children, but adults would benefit

Joe: agreed

CK: that would have been a fun event

bottoms up