Many people enjoy being spanked

I enjoy being spanked, but maybe not quite so much while the spanking is intensely happening!

The thought is erotic, but sometimes can make one wonder just before it begins
so, advice for today

she is happy during a quite intense spanking

and really happy afterwards

obviously, spanking is food for our soul

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Red,,,,,,been some time but we opened CS today with the full intention to doing what the 1st picture showed. I put on a tight dress and reported to George and damn he was so delighted. I did not get the belt but got the hairbrush leaning over the washing machine.......O is he going to pay for this soon.

Cheryl USA

Spanked Cowboy said...

I am one of the folks that enjoy being spanked...for maintenance, stress relief, sensual or fun. No enjoyment derived from a punishment spanking, however, glad when it is over as my slate is clean again. I would like to rephrase the caption on the first photo to 'Spanking the Spouse'. There are times when us errand bf's, partners and husbands need direction and a good spanking too.

Minielle Labraun said...

Well, yes! Love all of these.
Maybe, just maybe, since my guy is back home as of today, we can enjoy!
Hope all is well!

Baxter said...

The before and after of a spanking are the most enjoyable. But a well applied spanking does hurt. I ask my wife to spank me so I just try to enjoy the actual spanking even though my brain says to make it stop, as I enjoy the after glow and a bit of pain. Funny how that is.

Red said...

Cheryl: happy to know you have been spanked. I am certain you deserve it every now and then. Payback will be even more fun when the next spanking occurs in your house. PS: you forgot to give me a heads up that you were playing the game in the near future. (If George reads this, then you might be spanked again, all the time denying we do this. I m so lucky that you will not be spanking me)

SpankedCowboy: men need to be spanked frequently.

Minielle: If you have not been spanked by now, then take the first photo and message him wit it. Glad he is home for a while. Enjoy.

Baxter: we both have the same view and love of spanking

bottoms up