Conversation starter when friends are permitted to visit

 Every married couple could have this on their wall

This applies for all men over the age of 18 written underneath!

it would certainly be a conversation starter

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife has a large hairbrush hanging on the wall. When asked, she states 'Husband Trainer'. Jack

Baxter said...

Ya gotta wonder why young people buy jeans that have holes in them, but then I am sure it is some trend and I bet the jeans cost a lot. I have jeans that are probably ten years old and they are faded and some of the belt loops are broken, but no holes yet. I probably will have them another 10 years. People who buy pre ripped jeans need spankings for wasting their money, IMHO.


Spanked Cowboy said...

Red, Our agreement is framed on our wall and occasionally an implement is left out. This is sufficient for observant folks to determine I am a spanked male submissive. Anyway, If anyone asks, we simply tell them.

Red said...

Jack: perfect

Baxter: People always follow fashion, and the younger you are, the more you follow the trends. Us old geezers just save money and be comfortable

SpankedCowboy: Perfect.

bottoms up