Anyone know where to buy this Brush!

 This shaped like a hair brush, but made out of something that looks extremely sturdy, would certainly be effective.

and possibly your wife needs to use it this way once, to make you not be so eager to be spanked

I have never been spanked to tears!

Have You?

but we do have a wooden bath brush

and Cindy certainly knows how to use it effectively

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Sometimes, that was with the hairbrush. My wife now uses a bath brush and no way can I hold back, she insures that I cry, especially when standing facing the wall. Jack

Minielle Labraun said...

I think that brush looks interesting!
That ‘snake’ is something, isn’t it?
Hope all is well?

Spanked Cowboy said...

A very common hairbrush shape. This is obviously meant for spanking, not brushing hair as the design on the back shows. 'Spanked to Tears' yes and beyond at our home is common. Long maintenance spankings and short discipline spankings frequently produce tears and of course very red cheeks.


To answer your question, No I have never been spanked to tears but I have burst out in tears during post spanking corner times. It's just having been the very intense centre of someone's attentions and then feeling abandoned really gets to me


Joe said...

Never been spanked to tears but have had heavy use of a large wood paddle we have. It's about 6" wide x 10" long 1/2" thick really packs a wallop. Was used last night and my butt was still red this morning.

Red said...

Jack: Bath brush used here regularly, and rarely a hair brush anymore.

Minielle: everything is well here, hope everything well at your place. Definitely a fun design, whose sole purpose is obvious. Fun snake must bring lots of gasps and excitement when seen!

SpankedCowboy: something that you truly desire

perfectdt: thanks for sharing

Joe; the severity of the spanking does not in itself cause tears, but the emotions and feeling of having done something seriously wrong might.

bottoms up