Another reason why men are spanked

Take the time to read this:

Here is proof positive (this guy forgot to check)

as she says, this might help cure your wandering eyes!


bottoms up time

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Baxter said...

as many guys say, just because I am on a diet, doesn't mean I can't look at the menu. I have been a one woman man now for nearly 38 years, but I still enjoy looking at the female body. I enjoy looking at female butts and do as much as i can. When looking at women walking towards you, looking at tits has to be surreptitiously done. The same with reading T shirts on women that have something to say. Am I reading or staring at the big or little tits hidden behind the message.


juliesp said...

Reminded me of an awesome scene my husband and I did when his kinky personal trainer was still around: Summertime - Wandering Eyes - Hot Bottom. He actually was stopped at a green light and got a honk because he was staring at some girl's cleavage, with me right there in the passenger seat! Ahhhh... memories.

Red said...

Baxter: I am an avid reader, as if the top has writing, it is meant to be read. (but discretely)

juliesp: Awwww, such an easy way to earn a spanking! I am certain you made him fully regret his behavior of not concentrating on driving.

bottoms up