Fun thoughts for MAY day: giving you time to plan

 Could this be the day you go somewhere and wander around naked? Here are some suggestions!

Maybe do something breathtaking  

This is the best way to lose your breath!
whatever you do today, have fun

Remember: women also enjoy the views when at a nude beach
enjoy nature

no matter your age or shape

I would love to be a part of a picture session like this

love to hike with these gals!

enjoy nature, and have fun
in addition, other outside activities are possible
if your partner thought your suggestion about being naked outside offensive!

but if it is cold and wet outside, eating inside a restaurant is more dangerous than 
being caught having fun!

bottoms up




Fond pictures of a spanking awaiting you

Certain pictures are classic,

 so here


are a few


of my favorites

Of course, if you scroll through the opening screen, you will see many others down the side of the blog

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spanking humor we grew up with

Spanking humor was prevalent when I grew up, if you knew where to look for it.

Fun and fond memories. 
Spankings were not brutal

and many times 
everyone was smiling 
and enjoying themselves
I totally abhor
photos or videos
where the spankee
has blood on their bottom at the end of the spanking
or bruising
Spankings can be effective without any of that

if you enjoyed these spanking humor art, then do a Bing search on 

spanking humor in art from 1950

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