Spanked outdoors: living on the wild side

 Have you EVER been spanked outdoors? 


Have you ever spanked someone outdoors?

If yes, why not describe the spanking for everyone to read!


We have tried outdoor spanking, but by Cindy spanking me (timidly).

We (I) have one favorite spot while we drive to the ocean in California, amongst the Redwoods, in a gully. Amazing that we have had sex in more prominent locations, and Cindy has flashed or completely disrobed for photos, but only a bit reluctantly spanked me outdoors. 

fun times
I find it exhilarating
and would not be ashamed if someone saw
numerous times we have used a switch
anytime we are remote from where people might come across us, my mind turns even more kinky!

Hopefully some will share their experiences.

Enjoy Life   Bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I'm spanked, my wife does not care where. Recent camping trip, I was given a spanking at our camp sight. I was over my wife lap, bottom bared, hairbrush doing the talking. A couple people walked by, the women smiled, my wife said spanking know no age. One woman looked at her husband and said, your long overdue. When the spanking was over, I stood facing the tent, my wife enjoys viewing my spanked red bottom. Fifteen minutes and I was then allowed to pull my pants up. Jack

Tomy Nash said...

We got married near Lake Tahoe and on the ceremony day she spanked me with a fresh cut switch in the woods. I felt the results quite a bit during the ceremony.

Barrel said...

Yes, several times. The most memorable was while hiking in Northeast Arizona along a creek. I asked for her to whip me with a switch, which I cut, and she complied. When we were done, I left the switch propped up against a log. We returned a year later, took the same hike and voila, the switch was still there. Regrettably, it was dry and broke when I flexed it, thus no encore.

spanked_husband said...

Never been spanked outdoors, but it is probably at the top of my bucket list. Loved the clip of the woman in the green top being spanked by the guy in the suit. Tried to download and save the file but there is no way to do so. Any chance you can actually e-mail me that file?

aka spanked_husband

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

No, but hopefully that means "not yet."

Joe said...

T has spanked me twice outdoors both times near the ocean. The first time she had me drop my had her my belt and drop my pants next to the car and bend over putting my hands on the passenger seat, it was fairly cold that day so it was extremely intense from the first. My butt was sore for days and she smacked it every chance she got. The second was again at the beach but in the summer very late at night so it was deserted I think, again she took my belt but this time had me get naked which had me very excited and showed after a little stroking she said that will be gone soon and told me to bend over the log fence and spread my legs. The spanking was long and hard including spanks to the backs of my legs and between them. A couple of shots hit "unintended " areas which caused me to cry out something I usually do not do. Using her cell phone light inspected her handi work and said I was blazing red all over and we were done. Said to pick up my clothes and walk to the car naked and get in she would drive. What happened on the way is another story ;<)

Anonymous said...

Driving alone the highway on a hot day and back then there was no AC in the car it was us three girls all in our teens and dad's new car, remember the old light gray cloth seats and dad told us NOT to TOUCH the warm Orange Crush in the back but we did.....the turn signals went on at the next Oasis and he pulled over and to the delight of the truck drivers they saw all three of use getting spanked over dad's knees at the 1st picnic bench he found......the drivers all tooooted their horns....never much like Orange Crush after that spanking....

Cheryl and George Wish he would do that more often ......

Baxter said...

Never been spanked outdoors, but have fantasized about it. I like the sixth picture from the top and the ones following it, spankees bent over, waiting for the inevitable paddle or strap or switch. I don't think I would be worrying about any embarrassment from any strangers watching if my butt was getting spanked and getting set on fire. Baxter

Pizza Paddle said...

My wife stowed a paddle in the car, so when one is needed, no matter where we are, I will be very sorry. I have been paddled on the side of the road many times and recently in our tent in a camp-site. There is no escape from a determined wife with a paddle.

Red said...

Jack: keep having fun

Tomy: totally appropriate, and you loved her even more because of it.

Barrel: should have cut another switch

Andre: as Nike says, just do it. Sadly, I delete things once using, and do not remember where I got it from. However a search on the woman being spanked should find it. I also do not have her name.

Dan: ask and you shall receive. It would be a nice suggestion to plan where you could take your wife so she could spank you outdoors.

Joe: delightful adventures. Thanks for sharing

Cheryl: permitted this comment only because it was you. George should give you a reminder of this spanking. Why not plan a little day trip just to make it happen.

Baxter: as above, just plan it together and do it. Private enough so that no one goes by the first time.

pizza paddle: a perfect, thoughtful wife

bottoms up