Have the vaccine

 I cannot believe why people are reluctant to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

Here is a fun song to listen to and think. It will not convince you, but at least it might nudge you a little on the way to having the vaccine.

Why where a mask? 
My answer! 
Masks help protect others, if you are infected. 
Masks minimize the chance that you will get the virus while in brief contact with another person.

550,000 people have died a quite horrible death from Covid in the USA. 
Soldiers sacrificed their lives to keep the free world free.
Is it not time for everyone to become a soldier and stop this disease?
Is it not our duty and responsibility to protect others?

bottoms up



bdenied said...

Just a thought. If masks make you feel safe and you wear one, why do I need to wear one?

Red said...

bdenied: Actually, masks help protect others, if you are infected. Soldiers sacrificed their lives to keep the free world free. They also minimize the chance that you will not get the virus while in brief contact with another person.550,000 people have died a quite horrible death from Covid in the USA. Is it not time for everyone to become a soldier and stop this disease?

Bottoms up

Andre Rodrigs said...

I actually contracted the COVID on May 5,2019 while my wife and I were in Aveiro, Portugal. (Yes, 2019; before they had even given it a name.) Sickest I have ever been in my life. 15 straight days of splitting headaches, freezing, yet sweating profusely. Could only eat oranges and drink ginger-ale. Lost 18 pounds in the process. Wife never got sick.

About 8 months ago, she came across a news article that the University of Barcelona had tested some of the waste water tanks in Barcelona, and discovered one from March of 2019 with COVID in it. Suddenly it all made sense . . . Of course, at the time we just assumed I had a really bad flu.

In answer to your question of "Why would someone not want to get the vaccine?" . . . I'm pretty sure I now have the "natural" antibodies, and thus want absolutely nothing to do with a vaccine that literally alters one's DNA.

Andre (aka spanked_husband)

Spanked Cowboy said...

Both Ms Mirage and myself have had our first shot and scheduled for the second. We still wear a mask in public buildings, but not outdoors unless we are near others. I live the cartoon of the Dr giving the shot. I actually asked the nurse to give me my shot in my butt, figuring a larger area to dissipate the fluid and soreness and could 'walk off' the pain easier. She declined, but at least I offered.

Loki_Darksong said...

Well, at least for my people, I can sum up our justified caution with one word


I have noticed that no one is talking about a cure to the virus. Just a continuous treatment given by three different pharmaceutical companies.

Well you got to make money somehow I suppose.

Baxter said...

My wife and I drove 600 miles roundtrip to get the J&J vaccine and the reason for this was that our county had the whole deal so screwed up. And we live in a great suburb of the third largest city in the USA. A lot of people took the same day long trip, just to avoid the bureaucratic bs and incompetence of our county and an adjoining one. As far as the mask - all I want to tell people is WEAR THE FUCKING MASK YOU FUCKING IGNORANT ASSHOLES. As far as 2A, no one is going to take away your fucking guns you fucking ignorant assholes, if you are a law abiding citizen and legally own your guns. So so so many people deserve a good ass beating. Rants over. Baxter

Hermione said...

Hallelujah is my current favourite song, and that parody was spot on!

We keep masks in the central credenza of the car, and never have the excuse of forgetting one.

I'd love to get the new jab, and am on a waiting list at a group of pharmacies, all of which have run out of vaccine. Ron is scheduled for mid-April. My question is, why is Canada giving away millions of doses to other countries when we don't have enough to protect vulnerable people here?


Red said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. Both sides have been given, but I totally disagree with the non-vaccine people.
I can not think of any way to convince someone who thinks it alters their DNA. (That is absurd, with no scientific backing whatsoever)
Tuskegee: This is a type of flu, just a deadly one. It keeps mutating! Vaccines may not even work well in the future. In Canada the amount of cases severe enough to be entering hospital is rising rapidly. More young people are getting the virus than old people, because old people know it will kill them, so are on average being much more careful.
My city that was averaging 60 cases a week in August is now averaging 1530 a week.
Andre: Hopefully you could be checked for the amount of antibodies your body has created, and thus be a guide possibly for research scientists to explore, if they agree that you had the corona virus in 2019. That would be a quite startling discovery of the timeline of the virus.
Please take the jab everyone!