fun thoughts

Always look to entertain and enjoy  life.

How to entertain the wife or girlfriend

always look to entertain the younguns


Do something to make certain you enjoy today.

We now dance daily (for the last month or two), to one or two songs (usually older romantic songs)!
During this time, we reminisce of dancing on cruise ships, and remembering fun times with family.

How are you making everyday wonderful?

bottoms up


Barrel said...

I am taking time to watch how the shadows change on the mountains as the sun passes overhead each day. The colors at dawn and dusk are soothing.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

LMAO at the taco t-shirt!

K said...

With me the keys are food and my great-grandbaby. My granddaughter is trying out new recipes like turkey meatball sandwiches on baguettes and shrimp and imitation crab gumbo while I play with the baby.

Red said...

Barrel: invite us to come and watch that beautiful scenery when travel is permitted, and we are all vaccinated

Dan: I loved it

K: sounds delightful. Thanks for the email about your account change.
bottoms up