Booty fun adventures

Thought for today

Men love it as much as women love it
really, a show of affection is always wonderful!

spank the booty

show him how if you need to 


Enjoy Life and show that you care


spank often

bottoms up



Wife-Led marriage (#2)

Whoever made these up, has done quite a good job linking a picture with thoughtful text.

My thoughts, to be truly effective, a spanking should take time. The offense took time to commit, and the spanking should take time being administered.

Although this is the sequence


     seat yourself, then have him bare his bottom

then spank him

maybe make him stay there until you tell him he can now dress

The woman should be relaxed solving the problem.

bottoms up

Barbie goes KINKY


Wife-Led Marriage

Recently I came across some more of these type posts!

I will post one a day for awhile!

Hopefully  you both enjoy the post, and share your thoughts 

Cindy does this sometimes, but many times she does not.

bottoms up




Miss Gin

I have  previously posted a link to one fabulous spanking art site

Smiles and Spanks | The NaturallyGin Blog

Miss Gin lives in San Francisco, and is a disciplinarian.

I am a lifelong obsessive spanko. My posts include my own spanking adventures, as well as any kind of spanking related goodness and sometimes vanilla stuff too.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.comNaturallyGin FetLife and NaturallyGin Twitter

P.S. If you wish to request a spanking session then please email me at NaturallyGin@gmail.com – thank you!

Furthermore, she has the following info about other disciplinarians if you click on the link at the top.

If you are unable to see me in San Francisco but still need a good spanking then I would suggest visiting one (or all!) of these lovely women.

I was given permission by all the individuals on this list to use their photos and link their website. I have either heard rave reviews about their spanking skills from my own spankees, met them in person and enjoyed their company, witnessed them give a spanking in person and liked their spanking style, and/or I have been spanked by them and enjoyed it immensely. This list is not in any particular order.

Miss Gin

Hello Red,

Thank you for posting about Smiles and Spanks on your blog! That was very kind of you.

Yes, I am a disciplinarian and spanking enthusiast. Nothing really specific needs to be included except that I am a lifelong obsessive spanko and can be reached at NaturallyGin@gmail.com for spanking sessions.

I think that the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but it has not been especially difficult for me. I am very happy about that! So great to hear that you have been enjoying the collection of spanking art. It is a lot of work to find, organize and categorize everything, but I really do enjoy doing it. It seems to be a never ending project, I have so many more artists to get through!

Smiles and Spanks, Gin
Paula Meadows art is very prominent on the website, besides tons of EndArt to keep you entertained.

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