Well spanked again

Some readers like the idea that I can ask to be spanked by Cindy, and that she agrees. These will likely lead to fabulous sex later that day, or the next day.

Some readers think that spankings should only be punishment! These will likely lead to fabulous sex the next day, or perhaps that day, as all difficulties will have been solved.

Some readers have our situation, where I receive both type of spankings, in addition to on the spot ones to solve an immediate problem. They rarely lead to sex, but could later that day.

I have received one on the spot spanking (bare your bottom and bend over for a long does of the kitchen wooden spoon), and one good boy spanking.

The good boy spanking, just to make certain we are staying positive, and not permitting down thoughts to permeate our life. These spankings are as hard, if not harder than bad boy spankings.

Cindy has really grown to love the short tawse, whereas I have not grown to love it. Bare bottom (always), over the knee with Cindy propped on the bed against the headboard, that Tawse delves between the cheeks (devilishly) , and wraps over the far cheek. Plus, her spanks are stronger the further out she reaches with her arm, so that is the far cheek and the wrapping. (PS: Cindy has learned to smile while spanking me, and enjoy herself, like this spanker in the photo)

Wanting to be really effective, Cindy has developed the art of pulling (pushing??) my cheek upwards, so that the tawse can totally spank the crease area of my bottom, OFTEN. Same then applies to the other cheek, and this time a repeat long visit to each cheek.

Time for a short pause, and we change positions, and then the CARPET BEATER, with me bent at the waist, hands on the chair, for many strong strokes. (this was a surprise gift many years ago from Danielle) Cindy never forgets to make me verbally thank them for such a nice gift, while it is being used.

Lastly, it was pillows piled on the bed, with me over top, awaiting a number of strong strokes with the cane. 

(cane was used)

My bottom was on fire, and a very BRIGHT red, with quite a bit of red on the far side also.

We cuddled, and I thank her for my spanking.

Cindy was smiling from ear to ear, and we had fabulous orgasm each later that day.

bottoms up

Keep doing whatever it takes to enjoy life, and to stay positive.






Spanked Cowboy said...

I am very fortunate in that she will spank me any time I ask her to. However, between discipline, maintenance, stress relief, sensual, fun and the 'just because I felt like spanking you' type, I am spanked often enough that I never feel I have to ask for another. She just seems to know when I need one or when she feels like giving one.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: sounds like the relationship is perfect for both of you

bottoms up