Take a shot, get a paddle swat: A restaurant to visit in Vegas

  If you want shots at Hofbräuhaus Las Be ( in Las Vegas) you have the choice also to have one swat with the paddle for each shot. 

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Swats for shots

The Spankings

Classic German shots delivered on a paddle that can also deliver a stinging blow make Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas one-of-a-kind. A guest started the phenomenon unique to the Las Vegas restaurant by requesting a paddling following a liquor shot, and it became more popular than anyone could possibly imagine. After seeing this performed at the bar, many patrons started to ask for the same “treatment,” and Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is happy to oblige. When a guest orders a shot, it’s served on a long wooden shot paddle that fits six shots. After downing the shot, the diner is finished off with a solid smack from the paddle, if requested. If the shot doesn’t give a sting, the shot paddle just might. Click here to read what our very own spankstress Judy has to say! 

I recommend you read what spankstress Judy has to say. (click link above.)

Wow! Whenever we are next in Vegas, we will go there!

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Facts | Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

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Spanked Cowboy said...

I lived in Las Vegas for over 5 years and visited many times before and since my time there as a resident. The Hofbrauhaus is a fine German American restaurant and I have eaten there many times. I have witnessed many a solid swat delivered by the waitress after the customer has downed the shot. Also have felt the swat on my own ass. I would recommend both to any visitor.


I think that I would get so drunk in that place. Only one swat per shot 🤣


Anonymous said...

My wife and visit there and the Heart Attack grill.The Heart Attack Grill will get you spanked if you don’t eat all your food.

Hunter said...

Received several swats over the course of an evening there attending a Rugby Club reunion. As I was regimentally kilted, I thought some of the staff was really enthusiastic about delivering the best.

Anonymous said...

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas also paddles guests. It's a different theme, though. You get spanked for not finishing your meal. The whole thing seems very popular and the only real question is why restaurants outside of Vegas haven't adopted this as a way of bringing in customers. I know, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but even still you would think some bold restaurant owner outside of Vegas would give it a try.

Spanked Cowboy said...

@Hunter....Were you at the Hofbraughous or the Heart Attack? I have yet to make it to Heart Attack, but to be spanked, I will have it on my list. Is it only one swat like the German American restaurant?

Red said...

SpankedCowboy; thanks for sharing with everyone. We will visit next time for certain, if ever back in Vegas.

Perfectdt: I imagine the waitress can be bribed for a few extra without paying for the drinks, and possibly tipping her the amount for each drink. Also visit the Heartattack grill!

Hank: I was thinking about dong a post on that place at a later date. Thanks for telling everyone about it.

Hunter; stronger men need firmer strokes.

Anon: absolutely agree. This should become more common as a way of enticing more people to come to your eatery or drinking establishment.

SpankedCowboy: i believe it is three wallops!
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