Spanked via Ronnie

Sending love, prayers, and  best wishes to all the Texans and others in the USA affected by the bitter cold and snow. 

Now the post:

Well, thank you Ronnie for the most recent post. (Heart and Soul: A Smile for Today (ronniesoul.blogspot.com)

I decided to send this to Cindy, as a suggestion for her to follow through on. No words to accompany the email, simply a request. 

We talked a bit later, and I suggested that it does not have to be a long involved effort, just simply a casual relaxed spanking with just one implement.

Cindy agreed, and a few minutes later, after chatting about other things, stated that I should get her something leather. as it might only be one implement (Cindy could always change her mind), I retrieved the short leather tawse.

Cindy propped herself on the bed, and I lay over her legs, and what followed was a good hot spanking, but leisurely. A number of strokes, which were extremely effective, and then a pause while talking about things, then more spanks.  This might have been repeated at least three times, and my bottom was quite on fire when the spanking ended. Now all that remains is a nice burn, and a sore bottom while sitting.  Many spanks wrapped over the far side, and others delved between the cheeks, and some were done more north south in direction, and others visited the top of the back of the legs, and definitely the sit spot.

like this, but with the SHORT tawse

Just the spanking we both needed. Cindy relieved some stress, and so did I.

Thank you Ronnie.

I strongly suggest you copy and paste the above captioned meme, and send it to your spanker.

bottoms up


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