Solving a problem by using spanking

The advantage of spanking your partner is that if you truly annoy them about something, they can simply spank you on the spot.

The beauty of being older is you forget (I have already forgotten) what I did that incensed Cindy, but she simply stated:

Bare your bottom and bend over on the bed, as she marched into the bath room, retrieved the bath brush, and returned.

A multitude of spanks followed, as I was moving and owwing in  no time.

When Cindy had spanked he displeasure away, I apologized and thanked her for the spanking.

Looking in the bathroom mirror, my bottom was red, and a massive grey area inside the red on both cheeks.

One minute of spanking solved the problem, and we have had a nice day ever since.

Thus, this is me smiling a little after the spanking, but I thought you would appreciate seeing this beautiful woman, than my sorry bottom and face.

Bottoms up

humor from  googleme420.tumblr.com



Spanked Cowboy said...

This situation would be rare in our household. She has come to me, implement in hand and told me to assume a position. Most times, during the spanking, she tells me why I am getting spanked. There are times I had no idea I committed the infraction and other times I knew. Either way, the spanking continues until she is satisfied. I then always...always thank her for punishing me. I love DD living with a strong female in charge.

Anonymous said...

I loved DD also and what most intrigues me is when she pretends to be in a playful mood and put on her heels and hose and takes me over my knee only to find out she knows of something wrong I did and she blisters my cheeks. Super Bowl Sunday she was at a baby shower and I was at a local pizza pub and over did it and she found out well she did not mention it will I was over her knees her leg hold me down and she took the hairbrush and showed me she learned were the sit stop is and I am still two weeks later tender on my cheeks.........SHE RULES

George and Cheryl

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: glad it works for both of you folks. Mine is far less than yours, but works for us.

George and Cheryl: Glad you have both fun spankings, and problem solving spankings. Thanks for sharing. No parties here, no showers, just lockdown. However, with 500, 000 and counting deaths from Covid, the approach in the USA was wrong under Trump, and catch-up will still be a problem.

bottoms up