Husband training ideas - if he watches all the pre-game today, besides the GAME!

 A fun little training manual! 

someone, somewhere must know what the other lessons were. Do share with me if you find them.

How to be a wise man.  Short but PROFOUND

and if you are actually interested in beginning domestic discipline, just do a Google search and plenty of free material everywhere. here are some fun links to read.

CDD.pdf (freethoughtblogs.com)

The New Brides Guide To Training Her Husband (slideshare.net)

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Midwest Reader said...

The picture of the tall woman with the hairbrush upright in the straightback chair has been around since the 1990s I think - still one of the best spanking photos ever.

kdpierre said...

There's a game today?!

Anonymous said...

I like the husband training manual! My partner has done something similar to this on occasion, except that she does not communicate with me in writing, she tells me verbally why she is displeased with me. It ends up the same way though: I have to bend over and present my bottom for a disciplinary spanking.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

LMAO at the dildo on the shelf!

Red said...

Midwest: Yes, it has, and it is terrific

KDPierre: AI thought you were always game.

Malcolm: glad you r wife has a problem solving method

Dan: very true, but probably deliberate.

bottoms up