How you react while being spanked

 So, how do you react at some point in your spanking?

A) Does your bottom have a lovely jiggle


B) Do you start to thrash about, lifting your head up and down?


C) Kick your feet in a  little dance ( and your hands)


D) Do you arch up after the spank (Maybe asking for another quickly)


E) A true foot dance


F) Bending forward and making verbal sounds, but maintaining position)


G) bottom cheeks clench then relax, and wobble a bit


H) jump with deep knee bends, but continue to keep your hands on the wall


I) bolt upright and grab your bottom


J) struggle a bit, and kick your feet, and squirm

Do Remember

reacting and showing the spanking is working 

is a signal to your partner that you are getting the message. 


Being stoic is probably the worst reaction any spanker would like to see.

Hope you enjoyed watching the reactions!

bottoms up  




sissy snow said...

b and c here. i try not to squirm but im not very good at just taking it. my wife will laugh at me and tell me my struggles are pathetic.

she sometimes will add extra for me struggling.

Baxter said...

great pictures of spankees moving during a spanking. wonder how all that activity would be recorded on a FITBIT. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

My wife is actually stronger than me. When she puts me over her knee I can't get away even though I can't help trying to. She just keeps spanking until she is satisfied, no matter what I do.

juliesp said...

I'm definitely a foot flutterer!

Anonymous said...

I try to take it the best I can. If I kick my feet hard or scream, she’ll let up. Sort what we do in lieu of a safe word, though we’ve never discussed it.


Spanked Cowboy said...

Good reactions...and there are times I have done all of those...with the exception of grabbing my bottom....That is not tolerated. Mainly, whatever my reaction or no reaction, I try to keep in position. Any reaction is quickly followed by returning to position and presenting my ass as a clear and open target to accept the next strike. And always, always...thank her for spanking me.

Anonymous said...

The third pic is definitely me, fighting it in the beginning. But the following pic is how it usually ends up with me calmly raising my bum to hairbrush of paddle, all resistance gone.

Minielle Labraun said...

I’m a wiggler, I believe. Of course it depends on the intensity! I enjoyed your pictures that show various reactions!

Red said...

sissy: extra for struggling seems to me to be a given.

Baxter: I wonder also, plus could the spanker's arm be a good measurement of effort also.

anon: as it should be

StrictJulie: nice to imagine. (you should post a video of your fluttering, or send it privately to me.

Rosco; Cindy also reads my reactions to adjust how she spanks. *I sort of wish she didn't and just kept spanking)

SpankedCowboy: Thanking you r partner for the spanking is a MUST!!!!

alan: thanks for sharing

Minielle: glad you liked the post
bottoms up