Honey, I bought something for Valentine's Day and forever

show your husband the present you bought for both of you

I, dear husband,


will enjoy

using this present I purchased 


on your bare bottom

whenever I feel it is necessary 

Do you think it will work?

well, I believe I will try it now and then tell me what you think

so, what do you think Dear

Has your wife ever bought a new implement 

to specifically use for spanking you?

Cindy has not. I purchase them.

second method to get ready for Valentines' Day

bottoms up



spanked_husband said...

I never thought I would see a picture of Taylor Swift holding a hairbrush (The young lady in the orange dress) . . .

Baxter said...

I buy the implements also. We went to the kitchen store once and I saw a cutting board with a handle and she knew what I wanted and it has warmed my butt many times. Then once we were in the hardware store and I saw a wooden spoon and she knew what I wanted and it has also warmed my butt many times.

As far as Republicans, 43 of them have no spines nor balls to go along with their tiny stimulus packages.

Spanked Cowboy said...

No new implements here, but spanked on Valentines Day....you can bet I will be.

Red said...

spanked_husband: live and keep dreaming
Baxter: so many inexpensive spanking implement s available in your local hardware or kitchen store.
SpankedCowboy: bottoms up, I was also


Anonymous said...

O MY GOSH THAT BATH BRUSH IS BRUTAL RED.....we bought one and in line to check out a made a comment and yes I wanted it over heard about my "my goodness honey this is going to get you attention" as I held it and tapped in on my palm. My husband was upset and he convened me on the way home that his blood pressure must have skyrocket and I was wrong. I had to admit that he was right and that evening after a lovely bubble bath I was the 1st to get the long handled brush..........my cheeks are still sore but my heart is warm.

Cheryl and George

Red said...

Cheryl and George: Well, I think the thrill of knowing others heard you were worth the spanks. However, when we first used a bath brush (We meaning Cindy used it on my bottom, it has NEVER been used on Cindy's), it was frightful.
Simply the same arc and strength of a hair brush, is magnified many times by the length of the bath brush. We bought it maybe 15 years ago from the Vermont Country Store. Now, you can buy effective ones at Walmart for almost no cost.
Be careful when applying, until the person's bottom has adapted after many different spankings.
It really works.
bottoms up