My Apologies FOR post about snow

Sadly, this is far worse than a joke, which I thought would be over before anyone even saw the post below. With the sorry state of events happening in Texas, and elsewhere, this was inappropriate.

Below freezing temperatures, knocking out power, in a state where really double pane windows is a luxury, and not what most people can afford. Burst water pipes, and so much more, changes the perspective.

I will reschedule what was here for some time in July, when everyone will hopefully be smiling, and safe.


bottoms up

Here is a surefire method to keep your partner warm! Choose your preferred method

 our you could always call a friend to help out




Joe said...

These are great Red,especially #4, have you ever been naked in the snow?

Minielle Labraun said...

I can’t pick a favorite.... oh wait, those penguins rule!
Thanks for the smile!

Spanked Cowboy said...

We are fortunate to be in Florida during this period. We have checked on friends in other locations who are not so well off. Our hopes go out to all who are suffering the effects of these storms. Even though we are warm and comfortable here, she warmed my butt even more last night with a good paddling and belting for maintenance. My blog has all the details.....


I choose the cane


Red said...

Joe: never naked in the snow.
Minielle: the penguins were fun to watch.
SpankedCowboy: if it ever hits Florida, you will still be warm
Perfectdt: each has their own preference and hate
bottoms up