i just cannot believe how vile and loathsome TRUMP is,  

When he has left office, he must be prosecuted, and it is beyond comprehension the list of  his crimes.

Inciting to commit electoral fraud!

How about incitement to riot!
Watch his speech to the soon to be rioters What what his son and Guiliani said "Trial by combat'


I will get back to the purpose of this blog in a few days, but this is beyond words.

Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada is equally INSANE 

600 Federal prisoners will be vaccinated this week for covid 19, whereas staff will have to wait until a undetermined date. People in long term care homes, and staff are dying, and not being vaccinated quickly, as the supply is far less than the need. Many hospital staffs (doctors, nurses, support personnel) have not yet been vaccinated, but people who have broken the law and incarcerated for more than two years are being vaccinated.





Midwest Reader said...

Personally I agree with your comments on insurrectionist Donald Trump; not qualified to comment on Trudeau.

However I recommended a bit of a deeper re-think on the issue of the priority of vaccinating prisoners. A prisoner is a person under the jurisdiction of the State (drawing here on both Hobbes' theory and his capitalization) who has been deliberately and knowingly deprived of liberty by the authority of the State. The State in turn is defined by "The social contract is the agreement by which individuals mutually transfer their natural right."

So the State has acted on behalf of the populace to deprive a member of personal liberty and confine him in unpleasant circumstances for a period of time. This is considered a just action on behalf of all who belong to the social contract, but it is also a deliberate application of violence to the sentenced person's body. As such the State also takes not only physical but moral responsibility for the welfare of the persons so imprisoned. And the State is us.

So we, collectively, have put a human being in confinement in conditions where disease is very prone to spread. But we have specifically not sentenced that person to death (a punishment also discussed by Hobbes and still used in the US but not in Canada from 1998). So we have collective moral responsibility to care for that person and not subject him to punishment beyond that sentenced.

That is what leads to the prioritization of prisoners [1] ahead of the general population for vaccination. When the prisoner is a violent murderer it is tempting to say let him die, even though he cannot be sentenced to death under Canadian law or that of many US states, but what about the person serving 30 days for running a stop sign in a school zone? It is not just or moral to upgrade the sentence of the latter [2] to death - and therefore we as State must accept some additional risk on ourselves to protect him from plague.

[1] The prison staff should of course be included in that priority exactly as relatively young hospital workers are - I can't see why that isn't being done.
[2] nor the former IMHO

Anonymous said...

There is a similar situation here in California. Our Governor has established rules that would call for an incarcerated 30 year old man who raped and murdered a child to be vaccinated ahead of a 64 year old woman with diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The child rapist in this example is hypothetical, but if such a person is out there and in prison, this rule would apply.

Red said...

midwest reader: To be in a federal prison in Canada, one must have been sentenced to two years or longer for a crime. Since covid started , 3 people have died in prison from covid.
Long term and senior residences account for 73% of deaths in Canada (currently 16,579 so we could estimate 12000 deaths source:https://hillnotes.ca/2020/10/30/long-term-care-homes-in-canada-the-impact-of-covid-19/

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government has reached out to the province to offer "targeted help" to bring COVID-19 outbreaks in Ontario long-term care homes under control.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, the prime minister said military deployments, enhanced testing, and isolation measures can be "the difference between local outbreaks becoming a crisis or becoming under control." source:https://www.cp24.com/news/pm-offers-targeted-help-to-deal-with-covid-19-outbreaks-in-ont-long-term-care-homes-1.5254395

He is not offering them the vaccines that he is using in prisons.

juliesp said...

I'm not sayin' nuthin!

Minielle Labraun said...

Well, you know what I think of Trump. Pure Evil.
I am not as qualified to comment on Trudeau.

Kyrel said...

With regards to the vaccination of prison inmates, I can follow your thinking, but I can actually see a point to it. Inmates are confined in close quarters indoor. If someone (staff or inmate) should get infected, it could potentially spread throughout much of or the entire prison population, and potentially/likely also the guards. And frankly, I don't think anyone are particularly interested in having to let prison inmates leave prison to go the the hospital for emergency treatment, and potentially take up respirators and hospital bed space. You could argue that they should just stay in prison, but I suspect it might be against the law not to treat them. Yes, some prisons might have medical wards, but how many people can they cope with, and are they equipped to deal with Covid-19?

Red said...

Juliesp: He called for them to scare, or worse! Insanity, when he thinks one mob will decide America's future. He should be impeached, so that his hold on the Republican party is forever removed.

Minielle: Agreed on Trump. Trudeau rules with a minority government, as if he was King, with zero input from others. Plus, Canadians basically follow rules, so it is so much easier to rule.

Kyrel: 73% of deaths from covid have happened in long term care facilities(senior residences) in Canada. That works out to roughly 12,000 deaths. THREE deaths from covid in Canada's federal prisons. Two deaths just this month for care givers in long term homes in Ontario, only one of eleven provinces, and less than a third of the month has passed. Every resident and worker in long term care should be first. They are massively more at risk than anyone in prison. Every health care worker (doctor, nurse, cleaner in every hospital should be next. Then doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. The Federal government kept these doses from the supply to provinces for hospitals and long term care facilities. Madness!