thoughtful birthday celebrations

Another wonderful idea for men in a F/M  spanking relationship


Remember, the idea is to make your wife happy on her birthday

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Joe said...

These are great especially the last one. Thanks Red

Spanked Cowboy said...

Birthday spanking are a tradition in our household. I get spanked for mine every year and not just the 'one swat per year' type. She seems to always come up with a variant. I also take her birthday spanks and have for many years. Generally, they are one swat per year. We have many friends in the lifestyle and if we are with then anywhere near their birthdays, I am stripped and the birthday girl spanks me for her birthday.

Miss Cecilia said...

Husband gets his birthday spankings and mine. I'm alot older than him, so he gets it worse on my bday. Husband gets his panties pulled down, goes across my lap and gets "help" counting the spanks. It results in 3 for every 1 year. Of course, I add a few "for good luck", to "grow on" and alot extra "BECAUSE I SAID SO".

This year, he's taking my best friend's bday spankings. She's seen him get spanked alot of times, but this is the first time he's going to take her bday spankings. Someone on another blog suggested it, so I'm going to try it.

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Red.... hubby’s birthday is Tues. I’d happily take his spanking..... but I may suggest he take his! ;)

Red said...

Joe : glad you enjoyed the post

SpankedCowboy: sounds delightful, and I am certain the woman who has the honor makes certain to give everyone a good show.

Miss Cecelia: sounds like a wonderful solution, that you use three per year, plus extras. Adding friends birthdays into the mix is a thoughtful idea.

Minielle: Having written what you did, you must suggest his birthday spanking be given to you. Maybe even give him some suggestions from Miss Cecelia. ENJOY! Do let us know what happened.

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