The view

 The question of the day? Does your  partner bare your bottom

and enjoy the view
but if she is really mad
this erection will infuriate her

When limp,
she  lets you know how lucky you are that you are not erect 

Being bared in front of another woman must be ......

Some women prefer not to see your prick when about to spank you
whereas others like to start the spanking while you are clothed, and proceed to bare your bottom 
during the spanking

However, outdoors, everyone can see

and more than one lady might like giving this type of spanking

Do you bare your bottom, or does your partner. I almost always bare my bottom before being spanked!

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Red, I best love it when I have him over my knees and his shorts are on. I love his reactions when he feels my finger in the waist or is it waste band of his shorts.

One thing I have started is to hide what implements I am going to use.


kdpierre said...

Unless it's chilly in the house, Rosa expects me naked when I hand her the paddle and climb across her lap. But others spank me too. Nickki & Jean are friends and Lesbians. And they HAVE seen me naked....(skinny-dipping) but for spankings prefer my front covered. That used to be achieved via an apron, but recently Nickki has added a layer by insisting on this little house-dress thing. And as you know from my recent posts, pre-spanking erections are not an issue for me.

Anonymous said...

My wife always bare my bottom. I don't know if that is worse or facing her after the spanking, all on display and wanting to rub, but know better. Jack

Spanked Cowboy said...

Like for a lot of scenarios, life here is different. Since I am kept totally nude whenever in the house, so 'the view' is always available to her and some of our visitors. Unless a punishment is due, which will be given immediately, if I am erect, she will use that opportunity to satisfy herself and then maybe still spank me. Away from home, if possible I am still stripped. If not possible, at least my ass is bared for a spanking. The pics above of the spanking in the car are similar to my spankings away from home.....yes, we have been caught.

Anonymous said...

She insists on pulling down my shorts, slowly, while I am facing her. If I am limp she sometimes teases me for that. If not, she usually promises that I soon will be and ordinarily she is right. But if I am really hard then she requires me to go away and relieve myself. I hate that worst of all because it seriously increases the pain of the spanking itself.

Joe said...

Except for quick corrections in the kitchen with the wooden spoon where I drop my pants and underwear, I am always naked for my spankings.

Minielle Labraun said...

Pretty much my guy enjoys baring me!

Anonymous said...

I have not yet received a spanking (hope so soon). I like the idea of a little ceremony. I imagine standing in front of her and being told what to remove next. Each item then having to be carefully and neatly folded before the next one. Only once I am naked and all my clothes folded properly will I have to assume the required position and the strokes begin.

Anonymous said...

My late wife would use both tactics. Sometimes she lowered mine, usually when in a bit of a hurry, but most often, it was "come here, take your pants off, leave your panties on." I'd have to undress while she sat, watching. Often, she'd start the spanking over my pantied bottom and then say, "stand up, take off your panties" and, of course, I'd have to obey. Then it was usually to the corner, sometimes being allowed to put my panties back on, but NOT to cover my bottom.

Great photos, Red... thanks for the memories of another time and another place, one I miss daily.


Red said...

Cheryl: thanks for writing, and glad you are still having fun spanking George. Hiding the implements, and having him face away, makes the first spank a real shock.

KdPierre: Happy to know Rosa is keeping you inline. They must have fun teasing you in your little house dress. Keep smiling, and enjoying life. If they any extra vaccines for bloggers, call me, and we will be there in a flash.

Jack: i cannot a spanking not on the bare.

SpankedCowboy: thanks for sharing. When this ends, we should travel together for a few days.

anon: very true

Joe: as am I most of the time

Minielle: i can imagine many of us volunteering to help him! (Smiling and teasing, not meaning to offend)

anon: hope you find the right person as a companion, and then maybe she might also be willing to spank you

MArk: fond memories, but remember, Your wife would want you to be out in the world and be a part of it, when the pandemic is done.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi,... Mark again. I've been reflecting a bit on this and it seems that when she would pull. my pants down, it was kind of "I"m doing this to you." When I willingly lowered my own to have her turn my bottom red, it was clearly she was doing this FOR me.

Just a thought.....

Red said...

Mark: interesting observation
bottoms up