Taking stock of the situation

 Just a fun post of good old fashioned ideas

Come with me, as she is taking stock of their current situation

seems like she is determined to have him experience

some old fashioned discipline

He won't be going anywhere until his partner believes he is sincerely going to change his bad ways

bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

I like the two photos of the pillory. Both Ms Mirage and I agree, there are times when being bound for punishment is needed. When I get restrained, I know a very long and harsh session is about to begin. We do not have large devices like those shown, but do have hooks overhead and spreader bars. With wrist and ankle cuffs, I am bound, spread and every area of my body is accessible and vulnerable.

Baxter said...

The pillory for punishment could be interesting, I suppose. to be fully restrained with no way to escape a spanking is a fantasy. Obviously if you were naughty and restrained like that, the errors of your ways would be front and center and your bottom would be beaten hard and thoroughly. A lesson might be learned.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: Wow!

Baxter: very true. Could we use it for Trump, and hisfamily, and his friends

bottoms up