Simple fact about a REAL spanking

In reality, their is only one way to give a discipline spanking!

Most  people have seen this video before! Notice that his bottom is already red from being spanked, as this video starts I count 83 spanks in the short amount of time, and she is not finished.

Cindy has spanked like this, but runs out of steam long before this woman.

However, how this woman spanks, leisurely, would also be very effective

I have never been spanked like this!

Have You?

bottoms up



Steve said...

The spankings I get from my wife get to the point, no begging, pleading, my bare bottom feels the sting of the bath brush, and trust me, sitting is very hard for several days. The worse spankings are when I talk back to her, boy does that bath brush talk louder. Jack

Glenmore said...

The first one where she spanks fast and unpredictably is the worst..I've never had one that long though !

Spanked Cowboy said...

Short answer is YES, I have. The first video is a bit faster in tempo than my Dominant Mistress administers, but the intensity and duration is correct, most times even longer that the video. The second belting video is more in tune with my punishments. Either prone as this shows, standing or bending over I get belted long and hard. I guess I can truthfully state, when she wants to, my Dominant Mistress gives REAL spankings.

Baxter said...

I have never had a spanking like that first video, but just once would try it. On spankingtube.com, there was a video once of a woman with a strap who hit the guy, who was tied down, 232 times. yeah, I counted. While it would have been mindblowing painful, I would once like to be restrained and strapped that many times. It won't happen though.

Red said...

Jack: yes, the bath brush is very effective

Glen: yes, that one is truly frightening just to watch, and imagine you were the one being spanked

SpankedCowboy: glad that the real spankings are what you both want!

Baxter: Our imaginations are great, but the reality might be a terrible idea. That first video is only a part of the spanking. I have not seen the entire video.

bottoms up

Tomy Nash said...

That OTK spanking is very reminiscent of sessions with Aunt Kay.