See this hand

Three words meaning you had better stop immediately whatever is annoying your partner

but, by the time it is stated, your fate is probably sealed.

your bottom will be bared
and over the knee you will go

Never underestimate the power of the hand

as your bottom can become very sore from being spanked

and truly, once you are over 18, you may end up being spanked for the rest of your life

followed by a even more daunting implement

What words of warning might your partner use to alert you to change your behavior?

bottoms up



juliesp said...

"and truly, once you are over 18, you may end up being spanked for the rest of your life"
Oh I hope so!

Spanked Cowboy said...

I very rarely get any verbal warning, I may get 'the look' occasionally, but most times I am spanked immediately for poor behavior or rule infractions. Hardly any secret, we both know if I have misbehaved or failed on any chore assignment. Three words, yes...at home it is 'you've earned this", or "you deserve this", away from home it is "bare your ass". Either way, I am about to be spanked. Mostly with an implement, but her bare hand has delivered many a sound spanking. I love the photos above of the errant males getting their bare ass spanked.

Glenmore said...

The second pic is interesting as she seemed to be either recording or speaking with her phone as she spanks !

Red said...

Juliesp: I definitely hope so also

SpankedCowboy: sounds like you misbehave often. Glad you liked the post.

Glen: Yes, I see what you mean

bottoms up