The look on the woman's face is PRICELESS.  I know it is acting, for a spanking website, and can just imagine how the guy got an erection in that setting of cameras, etc. Then again, I have gotten an erection when about to be spanked by someone other than Cindy, to my embarrassment.

When Cindy is about to spank for cause, this erection annoys her, and almost always results in a harder and/or longer spanking. 
Fortunately, this does NOT ever happen

but this might

and the result

PS: I am totally EXAGGERATING!

Spanking as part of foreplay,  has Cindy stating that it is a shame this is going to disappear,

but I assure her it will rise to the occasion afterwards.

Sadly, with age, my erection does not always arise before a spanking. (Fortunately, it still rises to the occasion!

How does your partner react when she sees your erection when you are about to be spanked?

bottoms up

We all should have done this on New Year's Eve

think about it



Anonymous said...

My wife just said, you wish, and then with a smile said it will be gone shortly.Jack

Spanked Cowboy said...

This still happens occasionally and is dealt with according to her mood, I guess. Like the poor fellow above, sometimes it gets spanked till flaccid. Most times she uses my erection as a handle to keep me in place or move me about during a spanking. If still erect after the spanking, she wants it used as nature intended

Ed C said...

If I had and erection right before I got a spanking ( which I usually do not thankfully). I sure I would risk ending up getting a post orgasm spanking. I have had a couple off those in the past and It is not something I want to repeat
Ed C

Hunter said...

2020, WON. Dang it.

Red said...

Jack: Cindy fondly laments that it will disappear, and then makes certain it does. Except my first few spankings so many years ago, Cindy now makes certain that the spanking ends the erection.

SpankedCowboy: interesting. I thought she would want you to orgasm first, so the spanking was more effective. Afterwards, you could always orally give her one or more orgasms.

Ed C: everyone who says they have experienced that post orgasm spanking say how terrible it is. Maybe Baxter should try that sometime.

Hunter: so true

bottoms up