obey the finger

 The finger means your fate is already decided!

Get your bottom over my knee NOW!


Put those pillows on top of each other, and then bottoms up over the pillows

Go to the room and stand in the corner and wait for me to spank you

Come and be spanked now


over this knee you go buster


no apologies, over, now!


now, if you know what is good for you

Role play anyone: the student spanks the teacher

How does your partner inform you it is time to bend over the knees?

Cindy either pats her knees, or looks at me then down at her knees, and it is OTK time!

first slow and methodical


and then quicker

Enjoy your spankings

bottoms up





Miss Cecilia said...

I pull down his panties and then tap my lap lightly at least twice with the hairbrush, Brown Spanking Paddle or whatever implement I'm going to use on husband. Sometimes I'll tap my lap first then snap the fingers on my free hand and point to my lap for emphasis. Tap, tap and SNAP means get across my lap!

Anonymous said...

I know you would love to have a dominant wife.

juliesp said...

When it's my turn he grabs me by my upper arm and tosses me across his knee, the caveman! (I love it like that).

When it's his turn my index finger seems to do most of the talking: Come over here. Pants down. Turn and walk to the corner. Over my knee.

Minielle Labraun said...

Lots of pointing! I actually was thinking about doing a drawing with a finger crooking.... then a red bottom...
Interesting statue behind the lady in the 4th picture! :0 :)

Red said...

miss Cecelia; sounds perfect. You decide when , not him

anon: trilled beyond reason with the wife i have

strict Julie: having him obey the finger shows true submission

Minielle: never saw the statue, but yes, very interesting. Looking forward to your drawing. Sounds delightful.

bottoms up