My apologies for possibly offending people

Once again, as we start the New Year, it is incumbent on me to apologize for some of the things I have posted. To those I have offended, I sincerely apologize!

Now, I feel so much better, having rid my soul of those demons. Welcome to 2021 and when the bars are open, this is my first stop

guidelines for 2021:

remember to exercise regularly, while keeping socially distant

 I would willingly stand behind these women 's right to protest

Remember also, to always be a gentleman
Treat her well, when you can finally eat inside a restaurant

men will always be men
but remember guys

So, that is your apology!

decision made

bottoms up

and for a review of last year, the Queen of England says it correctly!



Joe said...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Love the line dance with wiggling bottoms. Somehow Buenos Aires came to mind, but do you know where that was?



Anonymous said...

Red you have brought joy to the lives of those of us that have a spanking interests and do not apologize as I am sure the stress of producing a daily post is not easy. I was one that was critical and told you I would NEVER access you blog again and told my husband that we must stop but I continued and he caught me yes with the proverbial pants down and well my panties will be down thanks to you.......but we love you and I will offer my heated bottom to you Red.....I will talk to Cindy about you stepping over the line I am sure you shorts will come down..

Cheryl from the USA

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Red, cheeky;)
Happy New Year to you and Cindy!

Baxter said...

Happy New Year Red. Great blog.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Happy New Year Red and everyone. No need to apologize to me, but thanks for the photo of the duck. Perhaps I should apologize for leaving so many comments, but I really enjoy your blog.
I got a good spanking to end the year last night (see my blog...mymaintenanceday.blogspot.com for the details). I love the photo above of the triple tawse being used. Also the comment about trains and boobs really hits home with us railroad buffs.
Hope the new year is much better for everyone.


I'm pretty convinced that is a Coot not a Duck :)


Merryslave said...

Plenty to chuckle about, here.
Happy New Year!

Red said...

Joe: thank you, and the same good wishes to you and your family

Rosco: no idea, but nice to watch

Cheryl: the toll of this pandemic makes us at times do things that later we regret. Stay well, stay mellow and healthy, and be spanked or spank whenever it is earned, or simply to relive stress. I am not depressed, but saddened by the politics and the idiotic decisions of living with the virus. we are very fortunate a vaccine has come about, and many CEO and the likes have become richer than ever, while the small business and average person has been screwed. The apology was meant as a joke. Hope you enjoyed your spanking.(afterwards, not during)

Minielle: totally meant to be cheeky, Hope it gave you a smile. Thank you, and the same good wishes to you and your family

Baxter: thank you, and the same good wishes to you and your family

SpankedCowboy: thank you, and the same good wishes to you and your family. Glad you got a end of year spanking, and already time to start off the NEW Year with the right perspective. The duck was meant to be a joke.

perfectdt: it certainly takes one old coot to identify another. (slang from when I was growing up... coot meaning an old guy)

MerrySlave: thank you, and the same good wishes to you and your family

bottoms up