Insanity in Washington, DC


EVERYONE should watch the video of his speech telling his supporters first to come to Washington, and then on the day of his speech, prodding them to march on Congress.


Please also view the speech by his son Eric, and also Guiliani, further inciting the MOB.

It needed VP Pence to call in the National Guard, Mr. Law and Order Trump did not.

Why so little police present, knowing his supporters were coming to Washington to protest, when so many police, National Guard, and others were present, with helicopters, during the "Black Lives Matter" protest march

God save America, because Trump is trying to burn it  down



Baxter said...

DiaperDon, Guiuliani, Eric/Ivanka/Don Jr, and his administration all need to be locked up. what happened yesterday was an abomination by a narcissitic pyschopath who deserves nothing more than an orange jumpsuit, shackles and a room at Gitmo. I am so thankful that the Democrats have wrested control of the White House, Senate and House from the Republicans. And those Republicans in the Senate and House playing their stunt of trying to override the state electoral college results will have the orange stain on their reputations and legacies the rest of their lives. They should all be fired. And all those trumptards that went to Washington to do their rioting and looting should be locked up.

Kyrel said...

Intersting times. On the plus side, this event may have managed to alienate him from a significant part of his political power base within the existing Republican party. Few established politicians are liable to be able to get behind this form of rioting. And with a bit of luck, maybe this will actually help Biden be able to govern "across the middle", and get some actual collaboration going between the Republican and Democratic parties, and maybe this will push politicians to dial down the divisive retoric a couple of notches, so that people may begin looking at themselves more as Americans, than as any number of sub-groups. Or maybe I'm simply being overly optimistic.

Hermione said...

Sadly, this is only the beginning. The crazies are planning another attack for the 17th. Will the police quietly ignore this threat too, and look the other way, or open the doors and welcome them in? What about the inauguration? I fear the worst will happen.


Red said...

Baxter: I totally agree.

Kyrel: Agreed, This should give the moderates a chance to actually talk, negotiate and do what is best for the country

Hemione: I think enough people of good will are coming forward, that the crazy will be monitored, and caught. The video of a black policeman slowing a terrorist, then prodding him, turns out he lead him away form a hallway that would have directly lead into the Senate. He deserves the Presidential medal of Freedom.