Informed you will be spanked today

legs A positive move forward, and hoping it will last, is that Cindy informed me shortly after breakfast that I would be spanked later.

This happened the second day after the previous spanking.

We have never done this before, where Cindy announces, and then we proceed with our day. the thought does stay with you throughout the day.

Around 4:30, Cindy beckoned me to come upstairs now! These are her words to indicate i am about to be spanked, and where.

I have been indicating to Cindy that she should be spanking harder, and she seems to have also thought this is a good idea.

Pillows propped a the headboard, so that Cindy could sit upright on the bed, and my bare bottom over her thighs.

The short TAWSE was used.


Many strokes, all over my bottom, the top of the back  of my legs, and more, Cindy used her left hand to push(pull) my bottom cheek up, so as to TRULY be able to apply the tawse to the place where leg meets bottom.  The stretched skin truly felt every spank. Then it was time to turn the other cheek, so to speak.

Spanks alternated cheeks, then stayed on one cheek for a while then the other. The far cheek received the most and the hardest spanks, but the tawse wrapped terribly. I was squirming as it wrapped and wrapped, and Cindy finally said:

" Are you trying to get AWAY? 

No Dear!

From then on, I just stayed put. I must admit that a wetness in the eyes might have been a tear in one. If the spanking had continued, their might have been REAL tears.

When Cindy stopped, I was permitted to stand, and I thanked her for the spanking. Cindy admired her work, but the far side was much redder, and really hot to touch. The crack between the cheeks was  also fire engine red.

In discussion later, I suggested that at some point, she should tell me to stand up, walk around the bed, and back over her thighs but from the other side, for the near cheek to become the far cheek. Cindy's reply was that she is right handed, so may have to try her left hand. I also mentioned that I simply move much more of my body past her thighs, so that my bottom is in easy range of her right hand.

One has seen pictures/videos, where the man is on the single bed, and the woman simply walks tot he other side of the bed and thus both cheeks get equally spanked and wrapped! 

Who knows! There may be tears from a spanking sometime in the future. This probably would be a good thing for me, if Cindy can accept bringing me to tears.

How have you solved the over the knee problem of spanking both cheeks sufficiently?

PS: Sex a while later was amazing!

bottoms up





Spanked Cowboy said...

An even spanking of both cheeks while in OTK or modified OTK is an issue. My gal is right handed so we have the same problem in reverse. Fortunately, she is quite adapt with her left hand as far as accuracy goes, but it is somewhat diminished intensity.

She does tell me when it is maintenance day if I do not mention it first. She usually gives me a time to 'report' and get into position. She does NOT like to wait.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Sorry, I misread your description. They are both right handed.

Minielle Labraun said...

I think it’s a consistency thing and to keep communicating throughout... but that can also not work. Everyone has a stronger arm and or hand so it can be hard.
Love the, “Dances With Karen!” :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't have any advice on the cheek issue, but wanted to touch base on the "you'll get a spanking later" issue. My late wife would have me put panties two sizes too small on in the mornings when she knew she'd be spanking me later. Not only was it uncomfortable, but was a constant reminder how red my bottom would be later. Oh, and she always chuckled when she saw the red lines the too-small panties left on my bottom... "now THERE'S a target!"

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ever since we have been "confining" ourselves, J. has taken the habit of spanking me every day (and some times more than once a day). She jokingly claims that this is the best way to scare the virus - but, meanwhile, my derrière has never been in such a sorry state - nor have the martinet, the rattan cane and the switches been applied so often (and so energetically!) to my backside!

Mike said...

I love the reading

Anonymous said...

Get used to it!


Red said...

SpankedCowboy: glad to know she has you on a short leash.

Minielle: just a small problem we spankees have to live with. Far better than not being spanked

anon: glad you shared some of your fond memories

L: personally I think J should take a few days off, so that the next time you are spanked you can really appreciate her efforts
bottoms up