how to use the crop: video

This short video shows to everyone how quite effective a crop can be for spanking someone.

I purchased a crop many years ago, and Cindy has used it only a couple of times.

The last time she used it, she was surprised that it was effective. 
If used as this video shows, that little piece of leather delivers a quite remarkable sting and hurt. Cindy used it where the shaft itself was similar to a cane, so it was both a crop and a cane.

This very effectively shows both the leather and the rod spanking a bottom
The intensity is focused on one small place, so very intense
Many verities of tips are available
However, beware!

Have you ever been spanked with a crop? 

You might like to share a bit of the experience with readers.

bottoms up



Midwest Reader said...

Unfortunately due to age, medications, and supplements I now bruise too easily for play with the strap or paddle. I've advised mistresses that the crop is effective and if used as shown in the linked video does not bruise too much so it makes both a good tool and a symbol of authority for managing my behavior when needed.

Merryslave said...

Oh yeah, a riding crop has a place of honor in our Drawer of Implements.

Red said...

midwest reader: glad you can still play a little

merry: thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Spanked Cowboy said...

For sure, a spanking by a crop and its companion, the riding bat, is commonplace at our DD home. Used very often, the crop has tanned my cheeks on many occasions. A great implement.

Anonymous said...

The riding crop is probably the one of my "tools" that L. fears most -and for good reason, as it leaves lasting marks on his derrière and upper thighs. I seldom use it more than 2-3 times a month, with more or less 50 "cuts" per session - enough to keep his backside sore for several days!

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: diversity is the spice of spanking

J: guess he better behave better

bottoms up