How to prepare for the inauguration - Stress Relief

 So that nobody frets about the inauguration, a little proactive stress relief would be useful!

There are so many good people in the world, 

and they have been warned what terrorists can do

I believe the  military, national guard, and the police will show their presence, and their weapons, to discourage any terrorists, anywhere in the USA on election day.

bottoms up

During this PANDEMIC, 

I wonder


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Baxter said...

Right on, Red. The last four years have been a living hell with the orange buffoon and it will come to an end in about 24 hours. The incessant crap from the orange turd and his enablers have driven us crazy and endangered our country. Thankfully a great majority of Americans voted him out to the scrap heap of history. Tomorrow we embark on a presidency that will be more compassionate and caring. As to the point of your blog, yes, a good spanking would help relieve our anxieties as we prepare for the next part of our history.