This will be the FIRST wonderful day since we heard about Covid 19

We have a bottle of champagne to celebrate with

and as Cindy does not drink very much


Here is a song to help celebrate

Hopefully you will find one of these funny, amusing, entertaining, or extremely relevant


another version of the same

Hopefully Trump in the next year

  I would just love the following to happen!

and now some smiles

bottoms up

i think we should all celebrate the day by giving or being spanked, and then making love



Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

You outdid yourself with some of these! And, the Christmas Carol one is a thought provoker.


Loved the Happy New Year poster


Glenmore said...

We are not celebrating up here in Canada as Biden's first action is to cancel the Keystone pipeline project , a legally binding contract with Canada that will cost us thousands of jobs in Canada , not to mention the 1.5billion we just invested in the project to save jobs.
Not even the courtesy to call our Priminister....a dirty kicking the teeth to the He's best friend and ally.
Biden is a disgrace, a corrupt politician whose election should not be celebrated.
Btw I am no fan of Trump either as he treated Canada poorly too.

Hermione said...

It's morning in America. The long nightmare is over.Hallelujah!


Baxter said...

The best moment on January 20 was when Biden finished his oath of office. The orange turd was an ex-prez at that moment. What we deserve is a video of chump riding a gold escalator UP with a jail cell at the top. That would be the reverse of what we saw in 2015.

Red said...

Dan: so very true about the salary of minimum wage workers.

perfectdt: very friendly greeting it is.

Glenmore: i disagree. Trudeau has screwed up everything, including having a pipeline crossing Canada. Why should America have to have Canada's pipeline? Biden spoke from the heart, and I believe him!

Hermione: We agree

Baxter: That was a wonderful moment, to be able to say Trump is not president.
bottoms up

Glenmore said...

Trudeau hates pipelines and oil and gas as much as Biden does.
This is not Canada's pipeline , it is owned by Americans and employs thousands on both sides of the border.
Biden is as uninformed about pipelines as you Are!
Spoke from the heart....What a joke!

Red said...

Glenmore: We should talk off-line, and would be happy to get to know you more. Trudeau bought Canada's pipeline, for $4 Billion or more dollars, so we own the one in Canada. Like his father who bought BP gas, so that Canada could own a gas company. Both were and are unmitigated ridiculous moves. Trudeau could move Canadian oil through Canada, and that would create all the jobs in Canada, but does not want to.
keep smiling, and let us chat off-line!