Good Boy Spanking

As like many couples, we have spurts of many spankings, then droughts in between. We have been in a drought, and I have had to request being spanked.  

We are phrasing them good boy spankings!

Due to lock down where we live, we are doing even less than ever before. however, we are saddened by seeing so many people not following the rules.

We go for a walk twice a day, weather permitting! I help with making lunch, and dinner, as it gives something to do, and we enjoy each others company. Work would be a wonderful release, but we are both retired.

I have also, today, put the wooden bath brush on the bathroom counter on Cindy's side, and the teacher's crooked handle cane on the towel rack, as a reminder to spank more often. 

Cindy spanked me today, and it was quite effective. 

Bare bottomed over the knee, for a long hard session with the bath brush, including some on the back of the legs. Slow, leisurely, and hard. 

We then moved to the bed, where the pillows were stacked high by me, and many strokes with the cane, including the top of the back of the legs.

A little wetness in my eyes, and a lot of leg dancing while being spanked.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we hugged and cuddled. Love making maybe later tonight, or tomorrow.  

We chatted over dinner, and I thanked Cindy again, and said how much I need this frequently to help get through winter, and avoid the winter blues.

We will embark, hopefully, on a pattern of good boy spankings for a while, with bad boy spankings always possible.

When looking in the mirror, the top half off my bottom is white, as Cindy says when bent over her knee, there is simply no fat there to spank. This area is rarely spanked. I suggested that next time, while over pillows, she should use the tawse there. Leather will not damage bone, whereas wood will. i am certain to be regretting suggesting this sometime in the future.

Do you get or give good person spankings?

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

The only good boy spanking I recall is the spanking I got prior to going out for the evening. My wife wanted to insure that the last outing would not be repeated. Jack

Glenmore said...

For me I don't see the attraction of a spanking for no reason.....unless perhaps it is for her to assert her authority.

Baxter said...

All of my spankings are good boy ones given by my wife who always gives good solid spanks with a wooden paddle and always a prime number of spanks. I ask for the spankings. It is my kink, not hers, and she is happy to oblige.

Minielle Labraun said...

Nice good boy spanking! I love when we play like that but these days we’re so scared of being heard by our daughter and fiancĂ© who live with us. I love when I can get the stress relief!

Anonymous said...

Interesing post from Baxter. So spanking is your kink, not your wife's. Are prime numbers her kink? And any prime numbers, or does she confine herself to Mersenne primes of the form n to the power 2 minus 1? At least it's better than a transcendental number kink, it would be quite difficult for her to give you pi spanks.

Anonymous said...

There are many times I put on the red heels and the shear hose and give my my famous 4 H Hose Heels Hairbrush and Hiney. But there are a few times that he consented to this, in fact suggested it, and I did it but when he was over my knee and clamped down Red I did what Cindy does to you, I punished his bottom. Yes he had him naughty little climax but that did not stop me.

Hoping Cindy does the same and also thanks for Consensual Spankings we love it and love you.

Red said...

Jack: that was more of a be a good boy or you will be spanked harder when we get home.

glen: one might consider it a maintenance spanking. Simply being spanked often enough to maintain a positive attitude during these difficult times

baxter; excellent! Many men wish their partner was so willing

Minielle: I totally understand, but someday you should suggest they go for a walk, or go for groceries, just the two of them, and play time will be immediate. A short quick spanking can be very effective.

malcolm: many relationships are one person's kink, and the other person being willing to play out of love for their partner

bottoms up

Red said...

Cheryl; I have never had an orgasm while being spanked, but must admit that in the past I have masturbated to spanking fiction. (That was before I started receiving the real McCoy.)
As I think about it, with what some people have written, is that it might be another version of a maintenance spanking, where it will relieve stress, and also possibly lead to fabulous sex sometime in the reasonably near future.

happy to see you commenting and writing positive thoughts once again. I have the same kind thoughts towards G and you

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Good boy spankings are wonderful for stress relief, closeness and great sex!