For Now: Another strong spanking- every second Day

Maybe it is age, maybe it is the season, maybe it is my wanderlust, maybe it is missing adventure, maybe missing hugging family (children, spouses, and grandchildren) or it is the futility of  living in Canada with so many idiotic politicians, or some combination of them all. Having the same boring walk almost everyday is not conducive to mental health. 

Cindy is following through with spanking, as a way of helping keep my mental health above water.

Today had some twists. I was told to go stand in the corner in our bedroom, and she will come to spank me when she is ready. 

About ten minutes later, she entered the room, and puttered around for a bit.

When Cindy was ready, I was told to get the short tawse, and Ms. Hurley.

Pillows propping Cindy upright at the head board, and bare bottomed over the other side of her legs. Something new!

Cindy really spanked, and everywhere n my bottom, with the tip delving between the cheeks often. I remember firmly shutting my legs, after the tip once ventured further between my legs. Rather a unique experience being on the other side of her lap.IT was a first! 

Have you ever been OTK, but on the non-usual side? 

When Cindy tired, a stop, only to re-continue! Like the gif to the side, the top of the back of the legs received significant attention.

Then, it was time for Ms. Hurley, the wonderful present from Danielle, who purchased it in Ireland. I have since measured it against our wooden bath brush, and it is longer, and a wider surface area to spank with. It certainly had me squirming.

Who knows if I will need this often, as the isolation is truly depressing. 

We zoom chat with family and other people, but it is not the same!

I also miss seeing the ocean, walking the beach, and swimming.   

bottoms up


even women's'  eyes wander and wonder



Redtail said...

Nice, this helped chase away the covid wintertime blues. Thanks. I need a good spanking like you received to improve my attitude as well..

Redtail said...

Just hearing abut you getting the "cure" has brightened my day as well.About time for me to ask for a spanking again.

Baxter said...

Interesting, I had no idea you lived in Canada, what with your memes about our now ex-president. Thankfully stress is lessening quite a bit, IMHO, here in the USA, with adults in the White House. For my part, R has been giving me a spanking at least once a week. Looking back over the past few weeks and the stress on everyone, more spankings should have been the rule. Oh well.

Minielle Labraun said...

I do think those stress relieving spankings can really help. Sometimes my guy walks to the other side to even me out... lol. However he’s a creature of habit, so to speak.

Naughty Boy said...

Having a wandering eye is a sure way to earn me a memorable spanking. Getting caught doing it.... Oh, not good at all

Red said...

RedTail: ask and I am reasonably certain your partner will agree.

RedTail: as Nike says : JUST DO IT

Baxter: never to old not to learn from your mistakes. Ask for a few to totally cure the blues.

Minielle: they work for both the spanker and the spankee

Naughty: best to have wandering SUBTLE eyes

bottoms up