EndArt memories

A excellent site, when it was in existence. It touched every idea one might have about spanking! 

Here are just a few!

 It gave a person ideas of how to ask for a spanking

 and unique ideas

fun ideas for the uninitiated

and ways to enhance the experience

and both sides of the idea

Loved how it showed our mixed emotions, and erection at the thought of being spanked, and the fear of the spanking making us reticent

keep smiling

bottoms up



Baxter said...

endart is well done and the thoughts are good.

as of right now, five days to sanity.

Janet S said...

Are you kidding? It's about to get worse thanIt's ever been!

Red said...

Baxter: was an excellent site, but too many were copied and re-posted.

Janet: no idea which you are referring to, but Trump being gone has to be a massive improvement.

bottoms up