don't come in

You can almost hear her saying

Pease Don't watch
Don't Come in!
Oh No!
The embarrassment
that oy are in this position
about to be spanked
or actually being spanked
knowing there os nothing you can do about it
but stoically accept
that they are their watching your spanking

However, some people are quite unperturbed by your watching (strict Julie comes to mind)

and possibly your partner starts spanking you
because they know someone is due to walk in right at this time

If this happened to you, would you be embarrassed, or blasé? 

bottoms up



juliesp said...

I would say "unperturbed" if it's anybody watching me spank my husband, however when it is my turn I become "highly perturbed", which is fun. It would be no fun at all if I was all "whatever" about it. I fret and blush and get butterflies in my tummy at the thought of anybody seeing me spanked, and then I go ahead and try to make that happen!

Glenmore said...

We had one close call when a good friend and neighbour opened our front door in the middle of my wife giving me a sound paddling , and we were both definitely in the 'perturbed' camp when we heard her voice!
She may have heard at least one loud crack of the paddle but we will never know .

Spanked Cowboy said...

This would not be an issue in our household. Any of our lifestyle friends know I am spanked, have seen me spanked or spanked me themselves. Some strangers as well have 'caught' us in the act. None of our vanilla friends would unexpectedly enter our home or open a closed interior door. It is possible they have heard the spanking, but unlikely. If it did occur, we would treat it the same as if anyone learns of our lifestyle. We explain this is our way of life and allow them to decide for themselves, which most times they accept our lifestyle and we continue to be friends with different lifestyles.

Red said...

Juliesp; Someone who did not know I was into being spanked, would definitely give me butterflies and having my mind racing. Glad to drop by your place whenever you would like to have another person watch. :)

Glenmore: I wonder if she has ever spoken to your wife about it, or if you have the nerve to ask her if she heard you being spanked when she came in a while ago. I would enjoy / worry about others not into spanking hearing, but would like it to happen.

SpankedCowboy: that is the perfect way I would like our relationship to be, but Cindy is too shy. (End of my hopes in that manner)

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine anything more over the top embarrassing for a grown, successful man than to be caught in a situation where a lovely, attractive woman is going to pull down his pants, bare his bottom over her lap and give him the sound spanking she believes he deserves...AND to do this in front of her pretty girlfriends who are just shocked AND giggling with excitement that this is about to occur in front of them... YIKES!!!! where do I sign up to be in that guys shoes????

long ago as a lad, I had the pleasure of accidentally walking in on the most beautiful girl in our neighborhood (who was several years older than me, and likely my first secret crush), getting a bare bottom spanking over her moms lap... wow!! what an amazing thrill... and as mean as this may sound, I distinctly remember just relishing that moment when she looked up and our eyes locked and she realized I was there watching her getting her bare bum spanked.. she was OVER THE TOP horrified.. and I relished seeing her get so embarrassed and watch all four of her cheeks blush a wonderful reddish pink hue

Red said...

delightful imagination. thanks
bottoms up