A very HANDY solution to most problems

For many couples, the solution to any problem is always at hand.

Simply have him bare his bottom
find somewhere to sit
and start spanking his bare bottom
No fuss
no need to go to a different room
With a strong enough hand, you can truly redden his bottom

for even better results, use a stool like this and have him dangling, helpless

However, the modern wife during lockdown and quarantining will also have a spanking implement out and available in every room of the house, to use after her hand.

however, this method also works for when your wife needs to be spanked.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

The picture of me squirming over the lap would be me. Pleading, begging, promising the world, my wife would not listen. Oh she would stop the spanking, but just to get the bath brush, then facing the wall, not caring of someone drops in. Jack

Spanked Cowboy said...

This scenario was played out very often at the beginning our our relationship when I was spanked while being trained. Any room, any time, sometimes an implement as well as the hand. Only difference to the above photos is since I am kept nude, my ass was always bare and available. Outdoors or away from home I was required to bare my ass to feel the heat of a needed spanking.

Red said...

Jack: seems like you deserve this often

SpankedCowboy: Glad the training was effective, as you are still happily together
bottoms up