A hair brush is always a handy idea

If your hand gets too sore from spanking your partner, ask your doctor for advice!

you will be happy to know (LurkingCol's Spanking Captions (tumblr.com)


that the solution is easily available

Hery hair looks perfect, so their can be only one reason you are been given the look
in addition, it is perfect before the party
 to ensure his excellent behavior
but heaven help that man who was spanked before the party, and still misbehaved
and best is not only one when you get home, but one before you change for bedtime
So ladies, remember, it fits easily in a purse for when you travel

and it can sit on any surface in your house without arousing suspicions.

However, if you really want people to know, just leave this two sided wooden paddle in the open

We have stopped hand spanking, as Cindy once sprained a finger. 

bottoms up
Some of the members of the USA national hockey squad

anyone?  This team will certainly spank you at hockey!
see the video  of the why this was done here
For The US Women’s Hockey Team Posing Naked For ESPN Was Easy Compared To Previous Challenges – BroBible

goons for hire, 50 cents

This is a few days late, but the thought applies



Spanked Cowboy said...

I agree, the hairbrush is a traditional implement. All the points made above are valid. A good hair brush spanking is something every man dreads, but eventually will get. I have received my share as well, but when traveling, my Dominant Mistress/life partner prefers what we call a purse paddle. Whether at home, on the road or at friends homes, when the purse paddle comes out, my ass is bared and I get soundly spanked.

Baxter said...

Unfortunately, we will always have the Trump goons around, just that hopefully they will fade over time. Their next career after next Wednesday can be cleaning out porta potties.

Naughty Boy said...

The hairbrush is a classic. Portable and innocent looking enough to be left out in view as a reminder. It can be pulled out of a purse and applied on the spot. It stings like hell especially when she knows just how to flick her wrist to get maximum punishment value out of it.

Minielle Labraun said...

The sad thing is that people who support Trump and his ilk are never going to believe the truth no matter the facts!
Hairbrushes always make me smile! I love reading about them used in stories!

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: Both are excellent to solve any problem. my wife would wait until we were home.

Baxter: agreed

naughty boy: very true

Minielle: The true believers never see the wrong, only the image. Absolutely the same in Canada with the Trudeau government. Hair brushes are a wonderful item for every spanker to use.
bottoms up