A F/M caption site has returned to life

My second favorite F/M caption site has returned, 

Imagine getting the exact proper spanking you always wanted, 
and the realization how difficult it was,
with the knowledge that this is exactly how you will be spanked from now on.


and your wife loved the idea and the experience so much, she is talking to friends learning new methods to make it more effective!

This method is exactly what every wife should do if not satisfied by your love making techniques!

Personally, Cindy and I would have benefitted from this so many years ago when we were first married.
Looking back, I was a clueless man making love!

go visit

LurkingCol's Spanking Captions (tumblr.com)

my all time favorite F/M caption site is 

She's Beautiful When She's Angry (tumblr.com)

WOW! you had better be very agreeable when the discussion starts

bottoms up

and truly, i wish the police were there to greet everyone with a ticket for visiting family or friends, when we are locked down indefinitely, and not to visit anyone, anytime!




Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Red, great captions! That last one of T..... explains it all.

Red said...

Minielle: It truly captures the picture of the man