A birch in time

 We have mildly played with switching, and once with birching

There is a unwritten eloquence to the idea of birching (at least in my mind)

as is also shown in the above two quotes from

This woman has to collect the birch for her birching
She looks worried, not the determination to give a birching, 
but the realization she will be birched
seems like you can purchase one on the internet
Be great if you could rent this model at the same time
The application

and remember, it lasts as long as the spanker wants

 vintage play

vintage art

We played once with a birch, while in Norway! We were on a cruise, and took a city bus out of the small town to a outdoor museum, which had real homes from previous eras, with some furnishings of the era of the house. A ship tour went there in the afternoon, but we were there in the morning with no one around.  There was an old schoolhouse with a birch in the back of the schoolhouse, and two people dressed as teachers of the era.

Walking further, a number of homes had a birch at the door, so I prevailed on Cindy to take a few little spanks on my bare bottom, assuring her no one was around (no one was around, and we did see anyone for another 45 minutes0 However, the swats were gentle, not wanting to break any twigs. I now wish we had done a real birching. If cruising ever begins again, we may try to visit this spot again. Norway is a beautiful country to visit, but expensive.

Have you ever visited Norway? 

Any readers from Norway?

Have you ever birched, or been birched?

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Anonymous said...


Yes, we’ve bought birches from Caneiac twice. Exquisite and highly recommended. I would usually soak it in hot water beforehand. Even so, twigs break off, make a bit of a mess and the birch doesn’t last forever.

But you should try it. Different from other implements but effective. Not over the top like a cane can be.

I’ve also found in our area that shoots of wild plum trees make great switches. The season for finding them is April to July.



Merryslave said...

I have not been to Norway.

Birching (receiving) is on my bucket list.

juliesp said...

It would have been hilarious had she used the birch firmly on you. 45 minutes later when the curators get back and see a destroyed birch they sigh, go to the cupboard to get a new one out, and say "Maria! It happened again."

Baxter said...

The picture of the woman who had to gather her birches is interesting. Can you imagine being told that you are to be punished by birching and told to go gather the birches, knowing that what you select will be whipped across your bare bottom, causing a lot of pain? The whole experience would be intense and cause a lot of soul searching and personal reflection.

Minielle Labraun said...

The idea of a birch or switch.... not sure. I’d be open to trying though.
Never been to Norway.

Norse Cavalier said...

I'm from Norway. Never been birched or birched anyone (which also applies to all other forms of spanking, unfortunately).

"Beautiful, but expensive" is how literally everyone who has ever visited has described Norway. One comedian summed it up as "Norway is so expensive that only Norwegians can afford to live there."

Anonymous said...

I first got the idea of using a switch while we were hiking in the woods (years ago!) - and I still do - but I soon made a point of bringing them home for "indoors use" (soaking them in water+vinegar) but, nowadays, L.is tasked with bringing me a weekly supply, which I use as often as I see fit (in addition to, or as a substitute for the leather belt, the martinet or the rattan cane)

Red said...

Rosco: I will have to plant a couple of plum trees.

Merry: do both

Juliasp: we really should have, and left it with a 10 Euro note

Baxter: very true, Much more daunting than bring me the hair brush.

Minielle: you should try both, the birch, and visiting Norway, when it is safe.

IMGEN: Thanks for leaving a comment. By visiting my blog, I hope in life you either get to spank and adult, or be spanked by an adult. Norway is not so expensive if seen from a cruise ship, which is how we have done it twice.

J: glad to see you have once again visited my blog

bottoms up

Stviking said...

Yes, I'm a reader from north of norway. Realy nice blogg

Red said...

Stviking: glad you like it, and thanks for the comment.

bottoms up