Miss Jenn Davis

I always enjoy  hearing spanking dialogue, and listening to what is about to happen. MAny spankers have something similar on their website, but this link is particularly fun to hear.

Click the link, and imagine Miss Jenn is speaking to you

You can visit her website at www.missjenndavis.com

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Many people enjoy being spanked

I enjoy being spanked, but maybe not quite so much while the spanking is intensely happening!

The thought is erotic, but sometimes can make one wonder just before it begins
so, advice for today

she is happy during a quite intense spanking

and really happy afterwards

obviously, spanking is food for our soul

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just some smiles

  a few illusions to start...



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Wife-Led Marriage (part 3)

 One more caption: intimacy and communication

If you have never tried being spanked, you should! You are reading this  blog, so suggest it to your wife.


and this is an appropriate way to thank her, if she desires.

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Spank Me card game

 Little Genie Spank Me card game


  • Spank Me, will have you giggling and your bottom jiggling as you play our hilarious party game
  • The play is a simple 'Go Fish' style game, but with our game, you don't say go fish, you say 'Spank Me!'
  • You'll be asking risque questions like:  "Do you have nice knockers?" or "Do you have a wet pussy?" 
  • If your cheeks don't get pink from laughter they will with the paddling you will receive if you can't give your opponents the cards they're looking for.
  • Includes:  101 cards; 80 matching cards, 10 special action cards, 10 winner rewards cards and 1 instruction card

Sadly, currently unavailable on Amazon, but check your local adult themed store.

IF anyone has ever played this, please write a review of both the game and the company you played it with.

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Anyone know where to buy this Brush!

 This shaped like a hair brush, but made out of something that looks extremely sturdy, would certainly be effective.

and possibly your wife needs to use it this way once, to make you not be so eager to be spanked

I have never been spanked to tears!

Have You?

but we do have a wooden bath brush

and Cindy certainly knows how to use it effectively

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