Spanked to be happy

This is going to be a true winter of discontent. We have always traveled simply to enjoy life, being able to go to the beach almost daily in the Caribbean while cruising. 

We are frugal, but very willing to spend, if that makes sense. An inside cabin was the standard (but never again if cruising resumes), no shipboard tours, as it was simple to walk off the ship and catch a taxi to whatever beach we wanted. Rent two chairs and a umbrella, and we were fixed for the day. 

By now we have visited almost every Caribbean island that ships used to visit, so we know which beach we like, and whether their was good food there, or bring sandwiches from the ship. On board,  staying with the same cruise line had us having free happy two hours everyday (unlimited). Then watch a show, and probably dance to music every night. Tip the same waiter every time who serves you the drink, and you get a better level of wine or scotch than the freebee.

Now it will be go for a walk in the daytime, and hunker down in the cold at night. No swimming, no beach, no walk in the sand, no ..no  .. no!

Thus, today I asked Cindy to spank me, and she READILY agreed. She just needs to take the step of saying I am going to spank you today, and she will be in charge.

It was a really, slow, strong, leisurely spanking. Cindy was propped up on the bed against the backboard, and I was bare bottomed over her thighs. The wooden bath brush was used, and it just kept being used. No flurry of spanks and finish, but many hard spanks to one cheek, then onwards tot he other cheek. A little pause, then many spanks again each significant. This occurred maybe five times per cheek, if not more., so my bottom was quite on fire, with a significant grey spot in the middle of both cheeks. 

The spanks were as hard as Audrey is shown spanking below, but she has not yet achieved the grey at the centre of both cheeks, so many more spanks than what she has given at this point.

I thanked Cindy when she finished, and we had a lovely supper. My bottom is still quite on fire and sore, about two hours later. My mood is much better than yesterday, and thus with plenty of spankings, we will maybe make it through the upcoming very long isolation. We are in our early 70's, so playing around with covid is NOT an option.

Hope you will use spankings to help keep you both centered and in love, and reduce your stress.

bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

WOW, we are much alike, We have taken many cruises and hit just about every port in the Caribbean, but with one difference. Ours were nudist cruises, all stops were at nudist or C/O venues. Anyway, recently cruises are out for many reasons, so we take different vacations on shore. As to being spanked, I never have to ask. She has the ability to seem to know when I need one or when she needs to give one. I am spanked often for many reasons and fun or just to be happy is included.

Anonymous said...

My wife took her Mother's advise, spare the bath brush, spoil the husband. Deciding to get married, my wife wanted to spend a week at her mother's cabin. The week was pre-planned by her, not knowing what was to come. The second day she informed me that our marriage would be FLM, I could back out if I wanted. She also said that spankings would happen. I accepted what she said, I loved her, and she knew me. I was spanked later that day, and given another prior to coming home. I can't sit, or walk very good after a spanking, but I would have it no other way. Oh I would have one change, I hate it when my mother-in-law is present during a spanking, either happening when she drops in, or while visiting taken to the bedroom for a spanking and then back to the front room to face the wall, my bare bottom on display.

Barrel said...

We love cruising, too. But more so, we try to swim in as many oceans and seas as we can. I wish I had kept a list but we have jumped in the salty water all over the world. It is such a blessing.

I wish we could do the kind of spanking you described. But I’m going through biopsy’s for prostate cancer and laying on that table with stripes or gray marks on my bum with the doc and two nurses lurking is a bit beyond my level of outed ness. Now we wait for yesterday’s biopsy results. Hopefully a good report and we can resume our kink. If not, oh well, we must do what we must do.

Thanks for keying up memories of swimming in all those oceans.


Walter said...

Hey Red. Nice post. So back in former days of cruising the Caribbean were you two able to work spankings into your beach and/or shipboard regimen? Not a lot of space in an inner cabin to swing implements. We've engaged in some memorable sessions, though, back in the dunes or out on deserted stretches of sand around the globe and over the decades past. So glad you have continued to spread holiday cheer on here through these dark ages. W.

Anonymous said...

I'm in my mid 60s and am glad to hear that people even older than me are still engaged in spanking. I guess I'm not as weird as I thought I was! I have many more years of this to look forward to! Thank you for sharing this information. By the way, your blog is absolutely terrific! The best of its kind, I think, on the internet. Good luck to Barrel on his prostate biopsy. I hope it comes back perfectly normal and that he can resume his spanking activities soon. On the topic of cruising, I wonder if there is anything such as a spanking cruise? Maybe after the pandemic, someone can launch one of these.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: I looked at nudist cruises, but they were terribly more expensive, so did the regular type

anon: well, you are still married so it must be fine

Barrel: Hope the test results came back with good positive results.
I have swam in almost every ocean I could, and it doe snot matter that people are huddled on the shore, watching me enter the water. I stay in for quite a while, and it is amusing when in the Mediterranean in April seeing other people come up, put a toe in, then go back to where their chair was.

Walter: first, thanks for commenting. Spankings always occur in our inside cabin on cruises, as going a week or four without being spanked would not be healthy for either of us

anon: thanks for the kind words

bottoms up